ZOMBIE eyeballs - Deviled eggs - Kids HALLOWEEN party ideas - themed food

I love Halloween and love to make themed party food. Here are my deviled eggs this year. 

Hard boiled eggs and my regular deviled egg recipe. 

This was my test run before the party so I used pre-made hard boiled eggs from the store. If you are short on time it works perfect. I do think homemade tastes sooooooo much better.

I added green food color and mixed. I always bag and use an icing tip to re-fill. You can fill any way you like. 

NOTE: One year I tried using avocado to make them green BUT if you pre-make (which I do) the avocado turns brown and so do your eggs. They look really gross and maybe that's what you are going for. I wanted them green so food color did the trick!

Smoothed out

Added olives for the center of the eye

Added red food color to mayo and drew red "veins"

Everyone loved them!!!

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SEVERED Fingers - Themed Halloween PARTY food IDEAS - Hot dogs - gross & creepy

Ooooh I love this one so much! Kids and parents thought they were gross and amazing all in one. Plus, they can be prepped a day before which is fantastic!

Large straw or decorating tip

I used the decorating tip to cut out the nail bed. It made the perfect shape and easy to scoop out.

I used the knife to make the other end jagged so they looked torn off. :)

 I also made slits for the joints.

Pre cut everything and store in a zip lock in the refrigerator. Before the party just boil. Easy!!!

After boiling they look even better.

I served on lettuce with ketchup as the "blood." Sides of relish, ketchup, mustard, cheese were set out as well. 

One year I made hot dogs as LIVE WORMS for our kids party plus some other fun Halloween food ideas.

I just sliced the hot dogs long ways and when you boil they curl.

Kids love these!

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Body Bag - DIY Halloween decorations - DEAD BODY tutorial - Inexpensive and EASY - decor ideas - RECYCLE/Upcycle

I think this is one of the easiest LARGE decoration ideas. You are recycling most of the materials and inexpensive to purchase the remaining supplies.

Every year I make a few more and store in the attic by cramming them in a giant trash bag. :) We also keep one year round in the guest bathroom bathtub. Haha! My hubby says it's a conversation piece. Strangely no one EVER wants to go to the restroom in our house. Weird! :P

Old clothes
Newspaper - mailer ads
Packing tape
Duck tape (outside of bag)
Trash bagss
Safety pins (optional)

I used clothes that are too stained or worn to be donated to create the body. 

I saved old newspapers and ads from the mail to fill the clothes. 

Put the boys to work. :)

I like to attach the front, back, and sides with safety pins to keep everything together. It makes it so much easier when wrapping.

For the head I just an old plastic container. I padded with newspaper and attached with tape. I made sure to flip the shirt collar up to make sure it was securely attached.

You can also use a milk jug. 

Before bagging I like to tape the arms in place. Shown above.

So far the best bags (large, sturdy, & not that expensive) are HDX Extra Large Trash Bags from Home Depot. 

Takes two bags. I kinda shape where the neck tape will be placed. Start at the top and tape as much as you want. I think maybe around neck, chest, waist, thighs, and ankles but you can use less. 

Make sure you tape where the top bag ends. This way you can't see it's two separate pieces.

I have so many now that we started naming them. Lol. 

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2016 - Zombie Family Movie Night - ANNUAL HALLOWEEN themed photoshoot - Gruesome fun!

This year we were going to re-make our photo from 2009 and had it all planned but got a late start that day. We ended up setting it all up and lost light. We were in full makeup and had to last minute come up with something....anything! 

MOVIE NIGHT theme put together literately with no prep. Someone make the popcorn, someone grab the props and bloody sheets (used for past Halloween parties) and I'll test light and lets do this!! 

You can see past years -  2009-2013 & 2014 & 2015

2016 Family Zombie Photo

Happy Halloween!

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Kitty LITTER BOX CAKE - GROSS Halloween / April Fool's Day - PARTY FOOD idea - Cat Turds - Tutorial - So EASY

I've made this cake for Halloween, April Fool's Day, Birthday - You're the Shit Cake, etc.
So fun and super easy! I once made it for friends when they came home from a vacation after I watched their cats. LOL! Nothing says welcome home like a cat turds. :) 

I purchased a new litter box and scooper. Lol. I know that's obvious but just in case.

Bake a french vanilla 9x12 cake or any flavor really. Cut into two layers. 

Layer cake, icing, cake, icing
 I used cream cheese icing but you could use any flavor as well.

For the crumble on top I crushed up Golden Oreos and added a little green food color in a zip lock bag.
Mix well and spread over the top.

To make the cat poop - I used tootsie roll candy. I put a few on a plate and microwaved for 5-10 seconds until melty but not melted everywhere. You just want it warm enough to mold. I start with 5 seconds and continue if needed.

I stuck a few together and stretched out the ends. :) Be creative! LOL! See the one hanging on the side? Creepy but so fun! The boys usually help with this and we joke, "Don't eat the cat poop, please!"

The one below I used more green food color and I love how it turned out!

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