OCTOBER Anti-Bullying Campaign - POSTER IDEAS - DIY - Classroom, Hallway, Counselor Office

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and both schools had an anti-bullying campaign going on all month. Here are the posters the boys made. 

4th grade

UPDATE!!! This poster WON for all of 6th grade!!! They had his poster up on a big screen and he went in front of the entire 6th grade during an assembly to announce the winner and he was presented with a Best Buy gift card. OVER THE TOP thrilled!!!
6th grade

Printed some pictures to cut out

Found these adhesive glitter letters ((love them)) at Micheal's Craft Store

Turned out cute and only took about 25 mins

We were going to use the same black and red letters but were missing some and the store was sold out of those colors...DOH!

Cat "helping"

Ended up using black and gold

Printed shoe pictures, cut them out and put letters down. The longest part was finding the different shoes. Everything else was easy.

They both did a great job....with a little (tiny) help from me :)

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Breast Cancer Awareness GIFTS - Cups with goodies - TEACHER APPRECIATION

As always, we like to give little gifts throughout the year to the teachers. ((Teachers are AMAZING!!!))

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so we decided to give all the teachers these cups with goodies inside. This was the GIFT the boys handed out last year. 


I think they turned out great! I made custom tags for each teacher. 

All the goodies

Found the cups at HEB

Only two teachers received the lanyards (kind of pricey)

The boys made rubberband bracelets and I found the ribbons at Micheal's craft store.

Found pink M&M's and made a breast cancer awareness tag. Same as HERE and the bags info HERE

Found the bic pens at HEB

All the teachers loved them!

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NO bake - MINI SLIME Halloween theme desserts! Fluffy Cheesecake! Party idea

I make this cheesecake all the time into a pie ....parties, GNO, and now for a TEACHER LUNCHEON! It was Halloween theme so I thought this would be perfect! Mini desserts to pick up and go! 

Last year our grade hosted the Thanksgiving luncheon and we brought THESE

I also made these for our Halloween party HERE

1 1/4 cups of milk (we drink Almond milk and it works the same)
1 block of cream cheese (softened)
1 pkg of french vanilla pudding mix
2 tubs of whip cream 
1 pkg graham crackers
2oz plastic shot glasses

Eyeball candy


2 large zip lock bags to make filling the cups easier
2 icing tips
1 medium size zip lock for crushing the graham crackers
tenderizing mallet or anything to use for smashing 

For Thanksgiving theme luncheon last year I used 1oz plastic shot glasses (found at HEB grocery store)
But this year I wanted them to be a little bigger. I measure they would fit in my boxes they were being delivered in and they did!

I used one package within the box of graham crackers (come with three) and crushed them. This was the boys favorite part! "HULK SMASH"

Added lime green food coloring drops...maybe 8-10
If it is still firm it will be lumpy and the lumps combine with the pudding and they don't go away. 

Mix 1/4 cup of milk and cream cheese. Blend until super smooth

Then blend 1 cup of milk and 1 pudding mix

Blend until smooth

Fold in 1/2 whip topping just until mixed. Mix by hand with a spatula or lightly.

Bagged the rest of the 1/2 of whip cream and additional tub and bagged the cheesecake mix

Started filling with graham crackers

Then the "slime" cheesecake

whip cream


The mixture fills about 40 2oz shot glasses

Chocolate eyeball candy. Found these at HEB or party city


I made tags that said the teachers were spooktacular and Happy Halloween

Since I had my hubby deliver these I made a note on the box 

Now refrigerate! Best served 4-8 hours after making them so the cheesecake has time to set. 

I happen to be at the school and took a picture. I brought mini plastic spoons to sever with them.

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