2014 FREE printables - HAPPY NEW YEAR - TAGS & SUBWAY ART - parties, gift bags, decoration

This is the last week of 2013 and I'm slowly transitioning out of Christmas mode (which seemed to go by in a flash) and now thinking HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Last year I posted our kid friendly New Year's Eve activities and I'm doing again this year!

I won't get to post until after it's over to keep everything a surprise for the boys BUT I will tell you I did repeat a few activities and added some new ones. Photobooth, glow-in-the-dark silly string fight, confetti poppers, more minute to win it games, year in review with photos and mini canvas painting.... so far. SUPER EXCITED! 

For now here are some free printables

I made some tags but they were lacking something.....GLITTER!!! So here are my really really glittery tags. They can be used for anything! Cupcake toppers, desserts, gift tags, etc!

Examples how to use:
Tags on cute desserts like HERE
Gift tags like HERE and HERE
Use as cupcake toppers like HERE
Marshmallow tags like HERE

I LOVE this size and so many uses!


4x6 size - 8 circle tags per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save.)

I'm going to use my FAVORITE PUNCH with the scalloped edges (1 7/16 scalloped lever punch by recollections (purchased at Michael's) or a circle punch will work too.

Let me know what you use them for!

I couldn't stop there with all this glitter. I made subway art that can be put in a 5x7 frame! 

ADD IT'S FREE TOO! Yes, I know I'm awesome. (kidding)

Click HERE to download 5x7Happy New Year SUBWAY ART for FREE
(then right click and save)

Send the file to a 1hr photo lab for easy printing or print at home.

AND one more

Just in case you want to make your cover photo on FACEBOOK  New Year-ish, I made subway art for that too!

Here is a preview of what it will look like

Click HERE to download Happy New Year FACEBOOK cover photo for FREE
(then right click and save)

Thank you for stopping by!

SNEAKY way to wrap a gift! HIDE ANYTHING - Great for parties! WHITE ELEPHANT gift IDEA

I couldn't post earlier because we did this for a friend for Christmas. She reads my blog and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. :) Her husband loved it!

Thank you text after opening bread, "HELL YEAH!" That's the kinda reaction we were hoping for. I'm sure the first reaction was, "BREAD? Gee, thanks"

This would be a great idea for a white elephant gift, bring to parties, house warming, gift for guys, birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, New Year's Eve, 21st birthday, etc.

PLUS it doesn't have to be liquor, although this is awesome! You can HIDE ANYTHING! 

Fresh loaf of bread and Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka....yummmm! 

Cut and remove inside of bread. I pictured a spoon but this was much easier than I thought and I just used my hand

Now you are ready to hid something :)

Wrap bottle in a plastic bag, saran wrap, or cling wrap so the oil from the bread doesn't mess up the label

Carefully add bottle

Squeeze bread closed and roll in clear cellophane gift wrap or any other cellophane wrapping.

I found it at HEB with gold stars, polka dots, and birthday designs

Add ribbon and .....


I thought you would like some bread, isn't this just what you wanted? :)

I ended up making this for a birthday gift and my hubby insisted he needed one too. 

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SWEET homemade gifts! - Kids made for PARENTS - Personal post that melts my heart

11 years old and he still insists on making all his Christmas gifts. A few days into December he tells me that, "he has to get to work" and no interest in purchasing anything. If you mentioned it I think this would sound foreign to him.

We do purchase gifts and he does ask "Santa" for items but HIS gifts must be made. Yes, still believes {{I think}} or he just wants to keep it up for us. I remember a conversation with him the year he added an Xbox  for Dad and a Canon camera for me on his list since "Santa will bring it and it's FREE!" :) We explained that those things are expensive, even for Santa, and not all toys can be made. Electronics still must be purchased from Best Buy. {{smile}} We also decided that year maybe Santa should't be getting all the credit for those pricey toys.

That conversation might have sparked the "make it yourself" idea and each year his gifts are a little more elaborate. So sweet and usually make me tear up a little. Maybe he just likes to see our faces after we open them. 

So what does he make?

For me this year I opened a pink and green box that had a little note that said, "Let (his name) show you the magic"

He transformed this little box into a rose for me. So sweet!

For the family he made a gift box and inside it was a tiny heart book that said why he loved all of us and we could never be replaced.

For brother he made a fully functional crossbow with a bayonet attachment.....out of paper. It's really impressive!

His brother was so happy he gave him a big hug. Not posed. This is fully captured!

We joked it looked like a stingray under the tree

My younger son made a cute little book in school that was all about family too!

That's what it's all about!

We have our traditions...egg nog, santa cookies, gingerbread house decorating, trail of lights, ice skating, Christmas movies every night leading up to Christmas Eve, Santa note hidden in the tree and clues to find their presents and so many more. These are memories I hope the boys remember. 

Following Santa's clue to their present

Ice Skating at Whole Foods

It's just the four of us. No other family to visit or say "hi." I hope everyone knows how lucky they are to have wonderful parents and extended family to spend time with. My husband and I have so many memories of our Grandparents as a child and as much as I think the boys are missing out, the real ones missing out are them.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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GINGERBREAD house decorating - How to set-up for an easy and fun party - Graham cracker houses, icing, & candy

I decided to do this very last minute (the day before the party) and it was surprisingly easy to pull together.  

The houses are made out of graham crackers and can be made in advance (for me the night before) and same for the icing. 

The day of the party I worked and off only an hour before the party started. I had the table decorated and cups set so the only thing to do when I got home was fill the cups with goodies, mix a batch of icing and put the hot chocolate in the crockpot. Easy! Ummm.... okay, I was stressing about time {{panic attack}} but it all worked out.

The kids had a blast!

I did have a little help that day with the cardboard covered with wrapping paper. My hubby and kids did that while I was at work. I picked a thick, plastic feeling wrapping paper. Maybe a foil. I didn't want the icing making it look greasy. Plus it was glittery too! :)

I think cellophane wrapping would work too.

Goodies: marshmallow peeps (trees and snowman,) shredded mini wheat, candy canes, Christmas candy corns, Hersey hugs and kisses, gum drops, mini M&M's, marshmallows, waffle pretzels, snowman candy, Christmas chocolate chips, peanut butter cups, cheerios, mini M&M's, Santa shaped chocolate and peppermints. I bought teddy grahams but forgot to set them out. 

Any other ideas I forgot?

Love this one! Santa's sleigh crashing into the house. 

Some of the houses

We also had a HOT CHOCOLATE BAR!!!! Huge hit! I made the hot chocolate the night before (while putting together gingerbread houses) and put it back in the crockpot when I got home to warm up.

Decorating cookies??? 

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