Valentine's Day Heart Balloon Mosaic filled with gifts! Teddy bear and candy - Cute gift idea - How to make - Free template

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I'm excited this heart doubled as a gift and decoration for Valentine's Day!
FREE heart template available! Send me your email and I'll share the PDF file!
You can print any size!!!
The metallic balloons were so pretty. I originally wanted to add silver or white but ended up liking just one color.

Metallic rose balloons are from Amazon. I like purchasing the garland kit since it comes with different size balloons that match. I used the 12" & 5" balloons from the kit. 

I don't fill up any of the balloons all the way.  12" balloons filled with 10 pumps of air with a hand pump and 5" balloons filled with either 1 or 2 pumps of air with a hand pump.

I printed at 501% because 500% wasn't large enough to turn the pages horizontal. It would've been fine but printed a bunch of blank pages. IF that happens, just put the blank pages back in the printer. They are fine to resuse.

The dimensions are of all the pages. Once cut out the heart was smaller. 
Final - 3'-2" width & 2'-8" height 

The print preview will also show you how the pages are arranged. I rotated the stack counter clockwise and started from left to right on the top row. 2 pages horizontal across the top and then started the next row below.


Cut out

Traced on foam board. The back was two 20x30 foam boards from Dollar Tree. Taped together and a tiny piece for the point at the bottom. 

The sides were created with two 20x30 foam boards cut into 6" strips (3 per board.) 

I scored the foam board to create the rounded edges. 

I show this in most of my videos. Here is the #3 video at about 1.5 mins mark.

I used styrofoam squares from Dollar tree to give the bear and candy some height. This way it would be even with the balloons and not covered up.
Candy was hot glued and I used packing tape the was folded in half around the bears neck. I left the ends of the tape unfolded to stick to the back of the heart.

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