2020 Graduation mosaic balloon numbers - How to make tutorial and free template - 0, 1, 2, 6, 8 - DIY large party decoration idea

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Virtual graduation viewing set-up. I made 5ft tall 2020 balloon mosaic numbers! 
Same as the 18 birthday and 16 birthday balloons I made recently. 

Step by step instructions on how to print.

UPDATE: To use less paper - don't click CUT MARKS or LABELS when printing.
Some people lose track of how to lay the pages out but if you start horizontal across 4 pages and then start the next row below it. See photo of pages taped. 

I have templates available for 0, 1, 2, 6, 8. Just email me.

I have three other video tutorials on how to make the mosaic numbers and one for USA letters. Each one shows something a little different based on questions I received from people.

Open in Adobe and print as a poster. Change to 500% under tile scale. 
Print in grayscale and in draft mode to save ink.

It takes 3 foam boards for the back or base of the number. 

Measure 6" template and trace for each side piece.

Cut each board into 3 pieces for the sides. 

For each number you need about 7-8 pieces for the sides. Total you will need 6 - 20x30 foam boards. 

Don't forget to use the excess board from the base of the numbers.

For rounded edges, lightly score lines 1" - 1 1/2" apart on a side piece.

Gently press to open up the scored lines.

Be careful not to press too hard.

Attach sides with hot glue or tape.

I ordered all my balloons from Amazon and the foam boards from Dollar Tree. 
I'm a huge fan of Qualatex balloons but couldn't find everything I needed.  

12" Black and Red

Pre-fill balloons the night before and store in a trash bag. 
I have to do this because the balloons will pick up dog hair.

I like to use a hand pump so the balloons are similar for each size.

Arrange some of the balloons for placement before attaching them. 

Attach balloons with glue dots or a low heat glue gun.

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