4 tier beer can cake - Happy BEERthday tags - how to make tutorial - Super easy - Fun idea for 21st birthday

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This year we made my husband a beer cake for his birthday. 
Happy BEERthday!

I matched all the colors and made a gold, white, and black theme. 

I picked several of his favorite beers. 

Made these Happy BEERthday tags. Email me if you want the file.
Easy to print!

I also had some glitter prints leftover from the red carpet event and used the same star punch.

I used 57 beers total

12 pack Shiner Bock
6 pack Shiner Bock
15 pack Blue Moon
12 pack Heineken
6 pack Stash IPA
6 pack Firemans #4

I used a large bowl as a template for the bottom tier. 
Traced on foam board left over from the mosaic birthday balloons

Use a box cutter or exacto knife to cut from the foam board.
I'm using these from Amazon since you can just pop the end off and have a brand new blade.

I had leftover gold/silver poster boards from the money cake tutorial

Cut and taped to the foam board. It didn't look good just white.

Arranged the beers to see how many per tier.

I used a smaller bowl to trace the next tier.

Traced an even smaller bowl for the top tier.

I basically just set all the beers on the table and put the foam board in between each layer. I originally tried to just stack them but it looked like it would fall any second. It really needs the boards for support. 

top tier - 3 cans
2nd tier - 7 cans
3rd tier - 20 cans
bottom tier - 27 cans

NOTE: the bottom tier on the table is not completely full. Shhhhh. I spread them out to the edge of the foam board. It's full but not completely full like the other layers.

Since they are just stacked it would be difficult to transport. Maybe hot glue the beers to each foam board layer??? It was really heavy but maybe an idea if you need to take it somewhere. 

I put the stars on wooden dowels and stuck between beers. Not attached either.

I thought about adding ribbon but it took away from all the labels.

AND for my husbands birthday gift.....a FULL Thanksgiving dinner. His birthday is about 1/2 way in the year from Thanksgiving so it works out perfect. 

I cook everything! 

Green bean casserole
Mashed potatoes
Roasted broccoli
Sweet potatoes
Deviled eggs
Pumpkin pie
Fluffy pumpkin spice cheesecake

This is an annual tradition and one of his favorite meals.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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