Basketball TREATS - Party or Team Mom IDEAS! Any sport - baseball, soccer, softball

I am so excited for my little guy and his AMAZING basketball team this year. They lost the first two games but everything came together and they won the rest of the season. Finished 1st place in their division!!! Now one playoff game down they have two more to win. Woooohooo!!!

My little guy made these for his team (with a little help from me) :) He dipped and I made the basketball lines. 

Dipped in orange candy melts

I've made these dipped oreos before and shared the HOW TO part. Check out these two links for more details.

Made team logos....NBA logo altered a little and the coaches name :)

Printed on 4x6 photos and excess trimmed and folded

 two in a bag

Double sided tape and TA-DAAAAA!!!! 

The team LOVED them and my little guy was so happy!

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DIY Personalized BIRTHDAY wrapping paper! Gift, Present - Extra special touch!

Personalized wrapping paper! I love anything personalized and I love wrapping presents so now I have it both together!!!!! I don't think the excessive explanation points really capture how excited I am. :)

 I saw THIS post and knew I had to give it a try.


For all the packages I used several fonts and just made rows of text. For that I used an old 2006 editing program that came on my pc free. (It's just so dang easy I don't like to open anything else) You should be able to add text in several programs.

My first package I wrapped was large. I ordered an engineer or architecture print (only prints b&w) but it's still awesome. I adjusted the margins, or resize the canvas or photo depending on what program you use to 24x36.

Kinda hard to see on white background so here is another photo below.

UPDATE: They are both the same store now and you can order online! Yay!!


OFFICE DEPOT does online ordering.  After you upload ((don't freak at the $99 price)) just modify output size and select architecture D print 24x36. Price should drop to a couple bucks.

OFFICE MAX will only print orders on this paper via email or at least my store location.
Email address. sevicescenter{{store number}}

I ended up using Office Max because the location was closer but the online ordering would be so super easy with Office Depot. 

She loves pink so I went with a bright colorful bow. 

Turned out so awesome!

I had a few gifts that were smaller so I just printed these at home.

I love the colors! 

Her favorite color is blue so I made a bunch of variations and text.

This was our BIG present for my big boy turning 12!!!! iPhone fits perfectly with regular 8.5 x 11 copy paper!

So awesome!!!

I'm so giddy about these! EVERYTHING personalize from now on!

UPDATE: I had to wait to post this one so she won't see her gift early :) Oh this is something she will love and definitely try for sure. She is like me about personalized stuff and loves making gifts with a special touch.

She's a fellow photographer - mama-razzi -shutterbug :)

Paper didn't quite fit so I printed two. Wasn't as clean as I like but I really wanted it in color. Next time I'll plan ahead and print 11x17.

It still looked great. I left the seam on the bottom.

So pretty!

Hope this gives you some inspiration! Try it and share photos!

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Valentine's Day IDEAS - Cards, Gifts, Treats, and Photos {{KIDS}}

I feel like this week is such a blur. I tried to be prepared but everything that needed to get done always sneaks up on me. I started on Monday and finished the oreos by Wednesday. It took three days to make 250!!!!! Yes, I'm crazy. Then I realize I hadn't worked on Valentine's Day pics I took Sunday. Way to wait until the last minute, right!? I let the boys pick photos this year because I had so many favorites I couldn't decide. Well, it turns out they couldn't either. We ended up doing TWO cards because both ideas were really cute. Who needs sleep anyway?


250 oreos for teachers, class, and dance

I've made these before and shared the how to make part. Check out these two links for more details.

Found these cute boxes at Party City

The boxes fit 5 oreos

Click HERE to download 4x6 Happy Valentine's Day tag for FREE
(right click and save)

Send this file to a 1hr photo lab for easy printing or print at home

Added this cute tag that was double sided with Happy Valentine's Day and his photo on the back

Turned out so cute!


Hope your Valentine's Day ROCKS! 

I MUSTACHE you to have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Text didn't show up well in the pictures but you could read it find on the cards.

Double sided when you can't decide on a theme


Oreos for the class

Sundae station

A little ice cream with his whip cream :/

Mustache fun :)

Campus Connection "dance"
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