SMART COOKIE Thank you GIFT idea - Teacher appreciation - FREE downloadable tag!!

With school parties, awards, teacher appreciation, class gifts, work and a quick trip out of town (whew) I wasn't able to post my end of the year teacher gifts. I know, it's summertime and school is just around the corner but I'm finally posting. Well, here's some ideas for next year! :)

For more detail see my PATRIOTIC OREOS POST HERE

Measured the oreos and cut the printed design (see other post for details)


Placed the design side down 

Pressed to get air bubbles out

Put in the freezer for just a few mins. Do not leave them in there or they will become really sticky.

Then peel back 

Dipped and drizzled in candy melts

Found these packages at my bake shop but I'm sure they can be purchased online. 

Our school colors are red and black and I had black candy melts but I liked the brown with the gold package.

Made these custom SUPER CUTE tags. "Thanks for making me one smart cookie" and personalized with each teachers name 

FREE 4x6 downloadable tags 
I sent the file to a local 1hr photo lab to be printed but you can also print 4x6 size at home.

HERE  to download 4x6 smart cookie tag for FREE
(then right click and save)

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  1. THANK YOU for sharing the free printable. I used it for today's Teacher Appreciation Day gifts of jars filled with apple shaped cookies. I never would be able to design such a cute tag.

  2. Absolutely!!! Glad you were able to use it. Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the free printable and the great ideas.