CARE package - Make them EXTRA SPECIAL - Put a smile on their face!

I love sending little packages and postcards throughout the year. Most of my family is out of state that I don't get to see very much. ((sad face)) BUT I want to make sure they know we are thinking of them and miss them very much. 
I just recently sent these for a birthday and thank you 

I always try to make it really colorful and add little messages around the box flaps. 

I didn't on these because of time but I usually make my own custom paper shreds. I designed the font and length to print on colored paper, front and back. Then put it through my shredder (not cross shred) making long strips. Both sides of the strip have the custom message. Then I take 5-7 strips and zig zag them back and forth. Yes, time consuming but so worth it! I've gotten so many amazing compliments from it.

Handmade cards by the boys

Just a little detail to make your package stand out.

Check back soon. I'll share my "Happy Summer" boxes I mailed and my super cute postcards that will go out this week.

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