Sleepover FUN! Minute to win it game IDEAS! Great for all ages - kids and adults - Party idea - Family game night

The boys had a sleepover at our house last weekend and it was a fun filled evening.

They had pizza, played Minute to Win it games, and made ice cream sundaes. I should say toppings with a little ice cream :) 

Let the games to begin!

I tried to picture only my kids so I don't have very many. 
I also had a tally board on an easel to keep scores.

4 playing cards set up. The original game description said to use clothespins and stand them up. I couldn't find clothespins so I used the stands from the game LIFE or Candy Land. Use rubber bands to see how many you can knock down in a minute. 

I was going to have them blow up a balloon and use the air from it to move the cups but this was a little easier. We set up 15 cups and they had to push the cup by blowing into the straw to move them across a line on the table. This was surprisingly very very fast.  

We used straws to suck up the air to pick up mini marshmallows and transfer them to a bowl. This was easy and the boys had fun shooting the marshmallows at each other after the game. 

One hand behind your back and you use the other to take out tissues one at a time (can't dig down and grab them all.) I did allow to use your chin to hold the box. This one caused a lot of dust but we needed the boxes for our next game. 

This one you fill the boxes with ping pong balls (found a box of 38 at a local sporting goods store for $12) and I used packing tape to wrap them around their waist. They might need to be a little lower but it worked. Then you shake until all the balls are out of your box. You can't lay down or use your hands. I videoed and I'm not sure how I managed it because I was laughing so hard. This was my favorite game by far. 

This one was hard and ended up being my tie breaker game. You put a raw spaghetti noodle in your mouth and try to pick up penne noodles. 

This one you take streamer rolls and try to unroll it first. The rolls are really cheap (.89 cents) and the boys had fun after throwing at each other at the end. 

Finished the evening off with a silly string fight, video games, movie and popcorn. They also had some ipad/itouch time just before bedtime. 

Tons of laughs with friends

We played Minute to Win it games during our NYE balloon pop countdown. This was the favorite game of the evening. 


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  1. These games are awesome! Great job on the sleepover!

  2. Can it be used for girls,too

  3. Can it be used for girls,too

  4. I have you pinned on pinterest and today I'm doing these games with my kids!
    I love them! The kids and I are having fun!
    Thank you!