How to CLEAN a dry erase board - What WORKS?? - Restore a white board - ERASE EVERYTHING

We had a dry erase board in desperate need of cleaning!


I first tried:
Eraser - NOPE (haha)
Dry erase board cleaner - NOPE
Dry erase marker to color over the writing & erase - Made it worse (see the brown in the right bottom corner)

Time to search the internet! Oh gosh, so many suggestions and EVERY post said, "IT WORKS!"

 I decided to try out several suggestions so I could have at least one thing I knew worked.

I took the board off the wall since I wasn't sure how time was needed for everything to work. Some people said 10-20 mins or longer.

Things I tried:
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Spray
Alcohol (only had 91%)

Other things I've heard works but didn't try:

Let sit for 20 minutes

Hair Spray

Hand sanitizer (which is 70% alcohol)


1. Alcohol (91%) - This worked the best by far, without waiting and erased completely clean. It's only 91% alcohol so I'm sure 99% would be even better.

2. Toothpaste - Worked amazingly but ONLY where I waited for 20 mins. Plus, it was kind of messy but it worked so well I would be willing to cover the board and wait. 

3. Hand Sanitizer - This worked great as well being 70% alcohol, but didn't get the really old writing off. It cleaned super easy but still left residue. 

I ended up using 91% alcohol 

WOW!!!! It came off so easy and I didn't think this board would look this good again. Plus I can clean it easily while still on the wall. I started writing on it before taking a picture of it completely clean.

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Embossed FOIL ART - Summer CRAFT for kids - DIY - Homemade COLORFUL gift idea

The boys made this card for my Mom's birthday but it would be a cute gift or fun summer craft!

Things you'll need:
card stock, cardboard, or canvas
glue gun & glue sticks (SMALLER KIDS - Elmer's glue and yarn)
heavy duty foil
Elmer's glue or adhesive spray
Q-tips or paint brush
Sharpie markers

I found these sharpie markers at Michael's and used a $50% off coupon.

I suggest to pre-draw designs with pencil to make sure they include areas to color in. For example, use block letters.

This design was kinda small and harder to get details to show. The BIGGER the design the better it turns out and easier to work with.

Trace design with hot glue gun or smaller kids can glue yarn down. Let dry.

We used adhesive spray but I think Elmer's glue works best to get the foil closer to the edges. If you use Elmer's glue, don't apply too much.

 Lay foil on top of board or canvas starting in the center and slowly work your way out. This way the foil is not too tight.

Use a stiff paintbrush or q-tips and carefully push foil down and close to the hot glue or yarn. It will tear easily so be gentle.

Once dry, color with sharpie markers.

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Pennant Birthday Banner Idea - Breakfast at Tiffany's theme party - TUTORIAL - How to - personalized

 I've only made one very simple banner before to use as a photo prop so this was all trial and error. Since it was a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme party I wanted it to have all the extra details. This was SOOOO much fun to make. 

scrapbooking paper
ribbon (banner)
ribbon (extra frills)
card stock
hole punch
hot glue gun
double sided tape (optional)

Picked out complimenting color of scrapbook paper. One with texture, glitter and raised velvet design

Made a template on card stock and traced on the back of the scrap booking paper

Arranged the pattern (that I changed several times)

I wanted the circles large enough to fit the triangle but not go over. I tried tracing a can, ribbon, glass, bowl (was too large) and finally found a beer mug that worked perfectly. This was my hubby's idea of contributing to the craft and to celebrate he should fill that beer mug. :)

Attached the circles with hot glue and used a hole punch for the ribbon holes. Don't make the holes close to the edge or it might not be able to hold the weight and rip. 

 I printed and cut out letters. I know there is an easier process but I used a textured pearlized paper that ink would not print on. Too late to run to the craft store. If you use plain card stock you could eliminate this step by printing and then just cut the circle with the letter on it.

Set out my example. HIGHLY recommend because I changed the pattern a few more times.

Attached letters with double sided tape

Ready to string on ribbon. I made it extra long not knowing how low it was going to hang or where. 

Cut ribbon to add extra frills to the banner :)

Tied and done! Love how it turned out!

So glad I left the ends so long. See the lower banner!? It needed the longer ribbon to hang it below the happy birthday. Whew!

Other party pictures
It was a first birthday so the party started in the late morning. I picked up donut holes that morning. Colored cream cheese icing teal and dipped.  Filled a bowl with sugar to hold them in place. (I started with rice but didn't like how it looked.

Tags on the donuts on a stick and the truffles below were designed from my ETSY shop. Photo and Happy 1st Birthday tags.
Red velvet truffles

Table setup

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EASY Caramel Apple Pie - DIY CUSTOM color art - HOMEMADE - SO COOL! Edible Red Apple- Carmal

 Caramel {{AH-MAZING}} Apple Pie!!!!!!

I've made this caramel don't forget {{AH-MAZING}} apple pie a few times but always forget to post the details. Perfect for 4th of July, summer picnic, Thanksgiving, or anything really. These two were for a teacher luncheon. 
It's easy and always a big hit. I owe the eye catching artwork for some of the ooooh's and ahhhh's but it's also delicious or AH-MAZING. I know, I'll stop. :) 

You need:
Apples (peeled and sliced)
Lemon juice 
Pie crust (2 rolls) 
Caramel (melted squared, from a can or homemade)

Usually I'm lazy but if you use two different apples....maybe sweet and tart it turns out so much better. 

Peeled and sliced - I used honey crisp and granny smith.
In a large bowl I mixed apples, cinnamon, lemon juice.

I used the same premade pie dough from my POT PIE recipe.

Roll out the dough in pie pan. Metal, glass, foil. (I bought two foil pie pans since they were for the school)
I used a fork to make holes around the bottom to make sure it cooked through.

 Add apples to pie pan. 

Cover with caramel. 

Homemade caramel sauce.....OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!! I absolute LOVE this stuff. I keep a can or two around the house for dipping apples or for ice cream. So good!

Posting recipe soon!

If you don't have time you can slowly melt caramel squares or use a can of Dulce de Leche (warm.) It's usually next to condensed sweetened milk cans.

Weave lattice. The trick is to use every other slice for vertical leaving the similar lengths for the horizontal. You will have some extra.

It's much easier without caramel because once you lay one down it sticks in the caramel. I could tell a little bit after baking but if you are looking at the artwork you don't even notice. An for the record you'll notice only because I told you. Dang it! :)

Use the left over dough and roll out to fit my cookie cutter shape. It's about the same thickness as the rolled out pie crust.
 I love making the extra little details and I get to paint.

I used the same food coloring from the CAKE IN A JAR post. 

Just paint on colors evenly and try to cover the entire surface.

It's so easy for a fantastic presentation.

Oven for 

About halfway I put a foil ring to cover the edges so they didn't darken too fast.


The one on the right has the straight cut lines and I almost like it better. 

{{drooling}} It smells so good in the house!!!

Also made one for Pi Day but without the caramel.

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