1st Birthday CAKE SMASH - GIANT Cupcake - How to TUTORIAL - baking & decorating

I absolutely love these 1st birthday cake smashes! I had so many requests on how to make the cake after posting inspirational cake smash photos from past photo shoots.

Turns out the only photos I took while making the cake was my very last cake smash I did. :( I was moving and my new house didn't have the space to continue.

I purchased this Big Top Cupcake Mold years ago and have used it so many times. The boys use to request this as their birthday cake before the Kit Kat cake

Make your favorite cake recipe or box cake mix. Split batter into the two molds and bake at the same time. 

Remove from mold. Trim off top of base and top of top. Lol. Trim the two ends that fit together so they sit flat. :)
Add a layer of icing between the two layers before starting to decorate.

I used cream cheese icing colored to match the theme.

Always the same tips just different colored icing. 

Since we were in the process of moving I didn't have anything ready. Quick red candy melts to the rescue. Melted and I made a backwards #1 with a little extra long "tail" or "stick" to place in the cake so the #1 would sit on top of the icing. 

I also made circles to put all around the cake but last minute I decided on Wilton Jumbo Stars Sprinkles.

Just a note - The small embellishments made out of candy or candy melts are choking hazard size. We basically watched and removed them from where the child were digging in the cake. Just for photos in the beginning.

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How to CLEAN a dry erase board - What WORKS?? - Restore a white board - ERASE EVERYTHING

We had a dry erase board in desperate need of cleaning!


I first tried:
Eraser - NOPE (haha)
Dry erase board cleaner - NOPE
Dry erase marker to color over the writing & erase - Made it worse (see the brown in the right bottom corner)

Time to search the internet! Oh gosh, so many suggestions and EVERY post said, "IT WORKS!"

 I decided to try out several suggestions so I could have at least one thing I knew worked.

I took the board off the wall since I wasn't sure how time was needed for everything to work. Some people said 10-20 mins or longer.

Things I tried:
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Spray
Alcohol (only had 91%)

Other things I've heard works but didn't try:

Let sit for 20 minutes

Hair Spray

Hand sanitizer (which is 70% alcohol)


1. Alcohol (91%) - This worked the best by far, without waiting and erased completely clean. It's only 91% alcohol so I'm sure 99% would be even better.

2. Toothpaste - Worked amazingly but ONLY where I waited for 20 mins. Plus, it was kind of messy but it worked so well I would be willing to cover the board and wait. 

3. Hand Sanitizer - This worked great as well being 70% alcohol, but didn't get the really old writing off. It cleaned super easy but still left residue. 

I ended up using 91% alcohol 

WOW!!!! It came off so easy and I didn't think this board would look this good again. Plus I can clean it easily while still on the wall. I started writing on it before taking a picture of it completely clean.

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