Chocolate mini M&M and Kit Kat Cake - {{Happy 12th Birthday}}

My first born little boy turns TWELVE!!! I can barley say that without a mild panic attack. {{gulp}} One year from a teenager!? YIKES!!!

For his birthday I usually make cupcakes because it's a mold and can't really be messed up. It's amazing I can make awesome truffles, cookies, cupcakes but not a cake. Seriously! My list of fail cakes can go on and on. I saw this M&M and Kit Kat cake and went for it. Totally ready with cupcake back-ups.

Surprisingly, I think this cake can't be messed up. YES!!!!! My kinda cake!

I found these snack packs of Kit Kat's for 1.00 (6) and one package of 8 that I must have grabbed at another store. I used 3 1/2 packs and one bag of mini M&M's with some left over. They were on sale and cheaper than the regular M&M's.

Made two round cakes (will check pans for size) and stacked them. They were so uneven and falling apart. My usual cake disaster. I just filled everything in with icing.

Started lining the Kit Kat's around the edge

So far so good. They stayed pretty well but wasn't sure if they would once I started pouring the M&M's on top

I ended up tying a ribbon around the cake

Added my candles (not centered and drove me CRAZY)

Started filling in the M&M's. Since the cake was so uneven one side was really filled with M&M's and the other side you could kinda see the icing.

With the cake completely hidden by candy it looks GREAT!!!


I set it out on the table the morning of his bday for a surprise 

Just a little happy about the phone. :) Big step for Mom and Dad. :/

We did this all before school so quick sprinkles on cinnamon rolls for his bday breakfast

Friends decorated his locker with photos

Still willing to do a quick photoshoot after I got off work. A SUPER SWEET friend stopped by with a gift and 12 balloons. Made these pictures perfect!!!

After dinner we cut the cake

It cuts really nice too!!! Best cake ever!!! I was totally not expecting it to cut at all. I thought all the M&M's would just spill out and Kit Kats fall off. 

And finally his birthday dinner. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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