PAPER FLOWERS - Fun Activity for Kids - Retirement residence - GIVING BACK - How to help - Great volunteering ideas!

Paper flowers are a great way to brighten someone's day! Perfect idea for your local retirement residence.

I'm doing a series of ways kids can get involved with giving back. These are all crafts we've done at home and with a large group. 

Here are my five categories we'll be involved with this month and I'll post ideas for each one.

HOMELESS (coming soon)
FIRST RESPONDERS (coming soon)

Who wouldn't love a homemade colorful flower!? Seniors enjoy the company and just coming to visit could brighten their day. The flower is a bonus. :)

This craft is easy for little kids to do. Parents can pre-cut circles and kids can pick colors, layer circles and help with the pipe cleaner. We've done this with kids as young as three!

Tissue paper
Circle cardboard template
Pipe cleaner

You pick how big or small you'd like the flowers to be. In groups we used templates cut from old cereal boxes.

You could also trace a cup or bowl for the template.

I fold the tissue paper and cut several of the template at a time. Be careful not to stack too many because the tissue paper shifts a little.

 10-12 circles of tissue paper per flower. I used 12 for these since I was keeping a pattern. Normally 10 will work fine.

Staple in the center.

Since we are making 4 table centerpieces we did a mass assembly.

Cut a slit on either side of the staple by folding over just a little.

Insert pipe cleaner from the bottom of one side and down the other side making both them the same length.

View from underneath. 

Twist the two pieces together. This makes them a little more sturdy.

Now just bunch together each layer one at a time. I like to bunch and press down.

(optional) Take a 4" pipe cleaner to add as a leaf.

Other ways to show the seniors you care:

Bring real flowers!! This was 2006!!!
Every flower came with a hug. :D

It's better to bring something small if they don't have room or ability to take care of it. Air plants or succulents would be a great idea.

Holidays we bring candy, mini cupcakes, or small gifts.

For Valentine's day we brought lotion and St. Patrick's Day little clover necklaces.

Chocolate dipped Nutter Butter cookies

RICE KRISPIE lollipop treats 

Ask if you can come help with special events or bingo days.

He started calling bingo at 4 years old and.....

Now 15 and still calls bingo at the same residence. 

Recently someone brought the flowers after their wedding. I bundled up small bouquets and the boys handed them out to all the ladies.

Please share other ideas!

Thank you for stopping by!

RICE KRISPIE lollipop treats - Pinwheel - RED & GREEN holiday edition - Christmas Colors - Holiday FUN!

We make these treats all the time so we decided to change it up a bit. 
Today we made lollipop Christmas Rice Krispie treats. 
They turned out so cute!

The other day I found these Holiday Edition Rice Krispies cereal at our local HEB. 

They are running a give back program if you make their treats!!! I'm definitely sharing these. If you post a photo on social media they will donate a toy for Toys for Tots! Cool right!?

I made my usual recipe HERE but was feeling a little rebellious and added another cup of mini marshmallows. Lol! 

It might have something to do with my helper :) He wanted more. "You sure that's enough marshmallows!?"

I used parchment paper to roll them out. 
My rolling pin was as long as my baking sheet so it was easy to roll out evenly.

I used a large cookie cutter and tried to cut as many as I could. I pulled excess and re-rolled two more times. 
Made 17 total.

I gently lifted and placed on a new piece of parchment. They are really gooey and will fall apart if not supported.

To add the straws I lifted and placed the straw underneath. Gently pressed down. The thicker they are the better. I had two that were thinner and you could see a bump where the straw was. Those were my "mess ups" and boys ate them.

The straw will stick to the treats with very little pressure. Once completely cool you can pick them up by just the straw.

I measured the cookie cutter and drew a pinwheel circle in the center. (not pictured)

I cut along the pinwheel line and reversed cutting out enough for a stencil.

Pressed down and added sprinkles.
Removed and ta da! Cute little swirl. 

I tested several different sprinkles but these looked the best.

Bagged and added a little ribbon.

We brought some to bingo and the residents loved them at our local senior living.

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