RICE KRISPIE lollipop treats - Pinwheel - RED & GREEN holiday edition - Christmas Colors - Holiday FUN!

We make these treats all the time so we decided to change it up a bit. 
Today we made lollipop Christmas Rice Krispie treats. 
They turned out so cute!

The other day I found these Holiday Edition Rice Krispies cereal at our local HEB. 

They are running a give back program if you make their treats!!! I'm definitely sharing these. If you post a photo on social media they will donate a toy for Toys for Tots! Cool right!?

I made my usual recipe HERE but was feeling a little rebellious and added another cup of mini marshmallows. Lol! 

It might have something to do with my helper :) He wanted more. "You sure that's enough marshmallows!?"

I used parchment paper to roll them out. 
My rolling pin was as long as my baking sheet so it was easy to roll out evenly.

I used a large cookie cutter and tried to cut as many as I could. I pulled excess and re-rolled two more times. 
Made 17 total.

I gently lifted and placed on a new piece of parchment. They are really gooey and will fall apart if not supported.

To add the straws I lifted and placed the straw underneath. Gently pressed down. The thicker they are the better. I had two that were thinner and you could see a bump where the straw was. Those were my "mess ups" and boys ate them.

The straw will stick to the treats with very little pressure. Once completely cool you can pick them up by just the straw.

I measured the cookie cutter and drew a pinwheel circle in the center. (not pictured)

I cut along the pinwheel line and reversed cutting out enough for a stencil.

Pressed down and added sprinkles.
Removed and ta da! Cute little swirl. 

I tested several different sprinkles but these looked the best.

Bagged and added a little ribbon.

We brought some to bingo and the residents loved them at our local senior living.

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Animal Shelter RICE SOCKS - GIVING BACK - How to help - Great for kids!

Rice socks are an easy way to help the animal shelters.

I'm doing a series of ways kids can get involved with giving back. These are all crafts we've done at home or with a large group. 

Here are my five categories we'll be involved with this month and I'll post ideas for each one.


Easy for little kids to do and great way to help the shelter. 

Rice socks are used at animal shelters as heating pads. They warm them in the microwave and use to sooth after spay/neuter surgery or placed with baby kittens or puppies for warmth.

Plain rice
Fabric markers (optional but fun)

Simply fill the sock with rice and tie.

Have fun decorating them with fabric markers! My son made the cat :)

We had a big group and made 45!!!

Plus you might get to play with some of the animals when you drop them off. 

Other ways to help animal shelters:
Make cat toys with fleece, string, and straws.

Make dog toys by braiding fleece.

Our animal shelter has an area for cats with Feline Leukemia. Most are nearing the end and sadly they don't get to leave. The boys go in and read to them. 

Not only do the boys get practice reading but the kitties get some company.

Please share other ideas!

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CANDY BAR cake - How to build - Happy Birthday BUTTERFINGER gift or centerpiece - Fun party idea for kids

I love how this Butterfingers candy cake turned out!

This was kinda last minute after I asked my son for weeks about a gift for a friend. He had it covered because he was earning or building something special in a game for him. When I inquired about it being done by the weekend he seemed surprised and said no. So you need a gift? Of course he does. 

I've still love candy bouquets but a candy cake sounded fun. I saw a few online but they used styrofoam and it's kinda pricey. I decided to make my own tiers. 

 This was a gift for a birthday party. We've known him for years and he absolutely loves Butterfingers. 

This can be done with any candy. I can't wait to try it again!

Cake plate
Poster board
Hot glue gun & glue
Candy (obviously)
Basket filler (paper or foil shreds)

18 big box/bar purchased for $1 each
-4 cups
-7 box minis
-7 bars
1 bag of fun size $3.99

If I wasn't making this the night before the party, I would've purchased Halloween candy on sale or looked for better prices. 

Total cost of candy and basically the cake was $22

I had the cake plate. Jake took them home several years ago at the end of a school year. The teacher was throwing them out. (Made the eyes for making your house come alive post

I also had the gold glitter poster board from a new years craft idea I never made and metallic foil shreds from a teacher appreciation gift idea. Both purchased at the $1 store. 

The tags were $.20 to print at Walgreens. 

NOTE: This might be easier to make a square cake with boxes but I just love how the round cake looked. 

I tested the size of  the cake plate with the candy I purchased to see if I was going to cut the cake plate down or if everything would fit. It fit perfectly!!

I traced the cake plate on the back of the poster board, cut, and attached with hot glue.

I measured the candy know how tall to make each cake tier. Make sure to cut the strips of poster board a little shorter than what the candy measured. Now you can put extra candy or paper shreds on top of each tier.

Attach with hot glue.

I gently traced the base and cut the circle a little larger. This will allow a little room to attach the top to the base. Hot glue around the edge and inside. The candy hides the hot glue so don't worry if it looks a little messy.

Hot glue to the cake plate.

Attach candy with hot glue or glue dots. I probably would've used glue dots for the candy but I was out.

Repeat the steps to create the second tier. 

I didn't have enough cups for the top tier so I hot glued two fun size together. Then I hot glued those to another set making four fun size to equal one cup package. Sorry, sounds confusing. 

Hot glued to the top tier. Yes, I used a lot of hot glue. :)

For the top I cut two small strips of poster board and bent at the bottom.

Attached together and added the tags to either side with.........you guessed it.......hot glue.

Attach with ....I don't know, maybe ...... hot glue. :D Lol!

Now you are either ready to fill with more candy to make smaller tiers or with paper shreds.

I used metallic foil shreds from the $1 store.

Add paper shreds and individual candy. 

I did not attach the individual candy in place but you could. Shhhhh, I put one peanut butter snickers since he kinda likes them too. 


So fun to make. Hope this helped. 
If you have any questions, please ask!

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