Custom / Personalized tags - cupcake toppers, Birthday Party Favors, Thank You Gift Tag - ETSY SHOP

I offer a bunch of free downloadable tags on my blog but recently I started making them personalized from my ETSY shop. I can customize with company logos, photos, and text!

Tags are perfect for cupcake toppers, gift tags, party favors, thank you, wedding, baby shower, birthday, holiday treats, and so much more! 


~ Cupcake toppers - simply insert tag into icing. Tags will not bleed or ruin.
~ Favor or gift tags - punch a hole and insert ribbon to tie to your party favor or double sided tape to attach. 
They are not stickers.

Match a baby show theme

Team sports, anniversary, birthday, teacher appreciation


Company logo

Gift tags

Picking a photo

Photos that work best are further back and smaller groups.

Once photo is received a proof is made within a few hours of ordering. Most orders are printed and mailed the same day or within one day.

Each order is customized to match your theme or design.

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DIY LARGE Dog Bed Idea - STUFFED with Old Clothes - NO SEW Fleece Tied Blanket

I had leftover fleece material from a baby photo shoot years ago. I wasn't thrilled about the color but I didn't have any other use for it. I decided to make a large dog bed the same way you make a no sew tied blanket. 

I had two old throw pillows and LOTS of clothes that were too far gone to donate but I didn't want to throw them out. Jeans with holes in the knees and shirts with stains and/or tears. I've dressed my zombies for Halloween the past few years but still had a couple bags left. 

I used the clothes as the bedding/stuffing for the dog bed!!!! Genius!! Plus ALL the animals seem to love the bed soooo much and I think partly because it smells like us. Clean clothes but still has our scent. :)

I said "dog bed" BUT the cat took it over. 

Slowly she's allowing the dogs to use the bed with her. LOL! 

The dog bed is made just like a fleece tied blanket.
I started with 3 yards of material, folded in half, and cut. Now I have two large pieces. I trimmed the edges to make sure both pieces were the same size.

Pinned the two pieces together all around the blanket to keep it in place while I cut strips.

I measured a 3x3 square and cut from all four corners.

Then I cut 3 inch strips all around the blanket. I kinda made the strips thicker so it would bunch up when tied so I could fill the bed vs and blanket.

Tie the top and bottom strip together.

I tied almost all of them except one corner. Then started filling with old clothes.

As for the center, I gathered a bunch and used a rubber band to hold in place. It was to pull the loose material tighter. 

Dogs finally have the bed.....for now. :)

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Anti-Bullying Poster {{FREE DOWNLOAD}} OCTOBER Campaign - IDEAS - Classroom, Hallway, Counselor Office

Remember THIS POST? Well, it's the most viewed post I have. My son made a poster for an Anti-Bullying awareness campaign for school and I shared it. Almost daily I get comments or requests for the poster or at least the shoes to duplicate this idea.

As nice as it is to have so many people visit my blog, it also means so many people/schools are searching for Anti-Bullying posters.

 If I had known, I would've kept the graphics and maybe taken better photos. We had 2 mins in the driveway before heading to school to snap a few pictures.

Now, after all these years and hundreds of requests......I'm making a digital copy to download.
Why I didn't think of this sooner???

School is about to start and I wanted this available for anyone that wants it!

These sizes work great:

These sizes still work but cuts off some of the top and bottom:

(click above to open and then right click and save)

Upload to any photo website to print as a poster

Thank you for all the feedback and wonderful comments! 

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