MONEY Lei - {{Candy & Cash}} fun creative gift idea - Graduation, Birthday

My son was invited to a birthday party last Friday and at this age (15 years old) it's not really presents any more but usually money or gift cards. Pretty much 12 years and up. :/ I love wrapping and gift cards are so boring.

ME: We should make a candy and money necklace!!!
SON: {{confused slash annoyed face}}
ME: What kid doesn't like CANDY & CASH!!???
SON: Just get a gift card
ME: Seriously, it's going to be awesome!
ME: You can have some of the candy.
SON: Sounds like a great idea.


Tulle or clear gift wrap
Double sided tape

We had Twix and M&M's. Halloween candy bought early knowing it won't even make it to October 1st. :/ At least it went to a project and I didn't eat it.

Torn between a few ideas but decided to use a roll of tulle someone gave me almost 4 years ago. Not only was I proving that being a pack rat pays off and finally using it, but I figured the tulle is stretchy enough that you could remove the candy to eat right away. 

Starting with the most important part of the gift, I had my son accordion fold the 20 $1 bills. 

Started with the candy at the edge of the tulle and rolled it twice. Then I used ribbon and tied one ribbon separating each piece of candy.

I used the same ribbon and tied a dollar between each candy.

I thought about making two together so it's a circle but it looks like a flower. I know he wouldn't mind a flower necklace but I like the fan look.

Used a red ribbon (to match the Twix logo) and tied a second dollar.

Used a tiny piece of double sided tape to stick the ends together.

Makes a little fan

 My son absolutely LOVED it. He said it was better than a gift card.

His friend thought it was pretty cool and that was before he noticed the money. LOL!

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Dipped Nutter Butter Cookies - THANK a POLICE OFFICER DAY - Show Appreciation & Support! Gift IDEAS - LEO

THANK A POLICE OFFICER Day is coming up September 16th! If you see a police officer remember how much it would mean if you said thank you. It's a great way to show we value them and the protection of our communities.

Our family likes to make cards and bring treats to the police department. One of our favorite things to bring are dipped Nutter Butter Cookies. Oh how I love them! :)
Thin blue line theme

You'll need:
Candy melts
Coconut oil (optional but it makes the melts easier to work with)
Nutter Butter cookies
Parchment paper or foil (parchment paper works better)
Bags & ribbon

Dip cookies and let dry

Candy melts to decorate

I always like to start with the darker color

Little note to show our appreciation

Now the FREE downloadable tag you can print!
CLICK HERE (then right click to save)
Send the file to a 1 hour photo lab for easy printing.

We also decided to thank the individuals on our street that proudly display blue lights year round to show support for law enforcement. The blue lights convey a message of respect and solidarity with officers and their families.
My boys and I walked to the four houses near ours with these bags of treats and a little note.

Don't mind my miss spelling. Ugh! I did fix it before delivering but didn't fix the photo.

Other ways you can show support:
Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.
Send a card of support to your local police department.
Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media.
Ask children in your community to write letters in support of law enforcement.
Display a blue light on your house to participate in the Project Blue Light


September 15, 2018
September 21, 2019
September 19, 2020
September 18, 2021

I think it's important to show support for not only law enforcement but all our service men and women. Don't forget to thank our firefighters, military and veterans. The acknowledgement is greatly appreciated.

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DIY - GORY Halloween severed body parts - CHEAP Gruesome Decorations - GREAT STUFF - party ideas

I absolutely LOVE this idea for cheap gory & gruesome decorations. We do a yearly family zombie photo/card. Some people send holiday cards and we send zombie cards. You can see past family photos HERE & HERE & HERE :)

Our theme this year ............... ((drum roll))

FAMILY CAMPING or eating a family that was camping. :) Either way, I LOVE IT!!!!

Tent, lantern, grill, sleeping bags, bloody severed body parts, etc. You know, the usual stuff.
I probably have a ton of decorations for this theme but I wanted everything extra exaggerated and gruesome with severed body parts and intestines everywhere. Mwahahahaha!!!

Here are the severed body parts I started working on.

If you haven't used Great Stuff yet, you NEED TOO!! It's not only fun and dries fast but goes along way and reasonably inexpensive. If you just buy the basic 16oz (red) can it's $4.25. The other cans are the same size but cost $6.97 and up. I purchased from Home Depot.

I recommend wearing gloves because it's EXTREMELY sticky. Serious stuff! I made that mistake once last year and never again. I also like to setup all the projects I plan working on since the nozzle can clog and it would be a shame to waste 1/2 can.

GreatStuff (red can)
Shirt, pants, bucket, or whatever you want to look gory
Plastic grocery bags
Parchment paper

Black spray paint or black paint
Red spray paint (glossy)

First I "ripped" the sleeves off a dress shirt to look severed and holes wear zombies might eat intestines.

Then I crumpled up newspaper and filled plastic bags to create the arms, neck, and body.

Placed on parchment paper so it wouldn't stick and then time to get creative with the Great Stuff! Fun fun fun!!!! It really expands so you don't need a ton.

Once dry, paint. I started with the black flat spray paint and focused on the creases and any holes. I spray painted the rest with glossy red spray paint and lightly went over the black. So easy.

I love how they are turning out!!!

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions!!
I'll update with our family photo once done.

Well, I've at least gotta see what he's working on :)

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