SIGN tutorial - Military Welcome Home - MEMORIAL DAY - Independence Day - PARADE - DIY craft idea - 4th of july

Ever heard of Honor Flight? Talk about an emotional experience for everyone involved. This is a wonderful organization that honors and recognizes our Veterans, most specifically our WWII Veterans, with "A Trip of a Lifetime" to Washington D.C.

Flight #42, The Chester Hall Memorial Flight, they brought a solider to his final resting place to Arlington National Cemetery.

We've attended the welcome home event several times and EVERY SINGLE TIME I cry. The Veterans are emotional, the crowd is emotional and it's all happy tears. The last Welcome Home event they honored Vietnam and Korean War Veterans. They spoke about how soldiers were treated when they arrived home from Vietnam and THIS is the welcome home they deserved. ((sniffle))

If you want to learn more or attend a Welcome Home event visit Honor Flight Austin for more details.

With all that said, we wanted to make signs to show our support. I made these in about 15-20 mins and have used them for 4 Welcome Home events and 2 Independence Day parades. They still look fantastic and everyone wants to know how we made them or take photos.

NOW, I'll share my secret....or laziness for something quick and easy.

Supplies -
Foam core poster board - Such a HUGE difference from regular poster board. Maybe $1.99 each and really worth it. Plain black or white are cheapest and colors are pretty pricey at $7.99. I went with white. Purchased at Micheal's.
Stickers or markers - I'm a perfectionist and even with my handwriting I would just pick it apart on how non-perfect it looks or not completely straight. I went with stickers. 50% off coupon at Micheal's.
Garland - YES!!! Such a quick addition that makes your sign AWESOME! $.99 from the dollar store or after Christmas I purchase different colors.
Hot glue gun / glue 

I pictured flags because I found them at the dollar store but we ended up just holding them. :)

I cut out the stickers and arranged them before sticking to look at spacing.

I hot glued the garland around the edges. Really fast and easy. Then I placed the stickers.

We made two. One more specific to the Honor Flight and the other we could use for parades.

One event we brought red and blue cookies for all the Vets. The boys love to shake their hands at the end and this was a little something extra. 

Hope this helped. Any questions, please ask!

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POLICE appreciation IDEAS - MUFFIN tag - THANK YOU - Thin Blue Line - Show SUPPORT

This week is coming to a close for National Police Week - May 13th - May 20th. We usually bring lunch one day and treats or small gifts during the week. Here is one idea that can be done year round. The officers greatly appreciate the support....big or small. It really does mean a lot to them.

Look at these cute little tags!!!

You probably recognize these from my Teacher Appreciation posts in the past. They are always a huge hit.

I made these two muffins (Banana Chocolate Chip and Blueberry) which made people start calling me the "overachiever." I'll take it, could be worse. No less of an overachiever, these tags can be added to store bought muffins. No one will ever know. Secret family recipe that you just can not share. 

I'm laughing at myself that I'm telling you to lie and this is a police treat idea. Anyway.....

Individually wrapped. Yes, it's a pain and yes, very tedious. Oh but look how cute!

Not sure how many I made because I was delirious by the end. :) My close estimate or "felt like" was a ton.

Table turned out really nice.

I also made stand up larger tags to let them know which muffins were which. Love how it looked.

I didn't use the same tags on these muffins but just to give you an idea that they look cute on REGULAR muffins too!

Now the FREE downloadable tag you can print!
CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

Send the file to a 1 hour photo lab for easy printing.
I used a 1" lever punch by recollections (purchased at Michael's) to cut tags.

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EASY Caramel Apple Pie - DIY CUSTOM color art - HOMEMADE - SO COOL! Edible Red Apple- Carmal

 Caramel {{AH-MAZING}} Apple Pie!!!!!!

I've made this caramel don't forget {{AH-MAZING}} apple pie a few times but always forget to post the details. Perfect for 4th of July, summer picnic, Thanksgiving, or anything really. These two were for a teacher luncheon. 
It's easy and always a big hit. I owe the eye catching artwork for some of the ooooh's and ahhhh's but it's also delicious or AH-MAZING. I know, I'll stop. :) 

You need:
Apples (peeled and sliced)
Lemon juice 
Pie crust (2 rolls) 
Caramel (melted squared, from a can or homemade)

Usually I'm lazy but if you use two different apples....maybe sweet and tart it turns out so much better. 

Peeled and sliced - I used honey crisp and granny smith.
In a large bowl I mixed apples, cinnamon, lemon juice.

I used the same premade pie dough from my POT PIE recipe.

Roll out the dough in pie pan. Metal, glass, foil. (I bought two foil pie pans since they were for the school)
I used a fork to make holes around the bottom to make sure it cooked through.

 Add apples to pie pan. 

Cover with caramel. 

Homemade caramel sauce.....OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!! I absolute LOVE this stuff. I keep a can or two around the house for dipping apples or for ice cream. So good!

Posting recipe soon!

If you don't have time you can slowly melt caramel squares or use a can of Dulce de Leche (warm.) It's usually next to condensed sweetened milk cans.

Weave lattice. The trick is to use every other slice for vertical leaving the similar lengths for the horizontal. You will have some extra.

It's much easier without caramel because once you lay one down it sticks in the caramel. I could tell a little bit after baking but if you are looking at the artwork you don't even notice. An for the record you'll notice only because I told you. Dang it! :)

Use the left over dough and roll out to fit my cookie cutter shape. It's about the same thickness as the rolled out pie crust.
 I love making the extra little details and I get to paint.

I used the same food coloring from the CAKE IN A JAR post. 

Just paint on colors evenly and try to cover the entire surface.

It's so easy for a fantastic presentation.

Oven for 

About halfway I put a foil ring to cover the edges so they didn't darken too fast.


The one on the right has the straight cut lines and I almost like it better. 

{{drooling}} It smells so good in the house!!!

Also made one for Pi Day but without the caramel.

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