Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Valentine's Day for the KIDS! -Classroom treats, advent calendar, teacher gifts and so much more!

My husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day. Why? Mostly because it feels forced and everything is way over priced. If he wants to buy me flowers or make me feel special, he can do that any day. :) With that said, I do go a little overboard with the kids. Why? I really don't know. I guess because it's fun to go overboard and I'm known for going overboard. Just a tad. Starting to see a theme here?

To kick off February I always have an advent calendar counting down until Valentine's Day. Boys LOVE this!

Inside the hearts are these super cute mini envelopes and I would like to think they are excited solely for the notes but I also include a Hersey Hug.

They are made from a HEART!!! Each once says why they are special. Tutorial HERE.

Need Valentine's Day PHOTO IDEAS?

Special HEART SANDWICH for lunch

I made this three years ago and we are still using the same one. I put it away in the closet and pull it out each year. No last minute scrambling. GENIUS! 

The boys always love to bring something for the teachers and classmates. Here are some things we've done in the past.

The boys made these for all their classmates and teachers

Dipped Strawberries (store bought or make yourself) packaged for easy carrying.
The boys gave these for teacher appreciation week but they would be perfect for Valentine's Day.

Cake baked in a jar!!! These are always a hit. We made these for Christmas last year and teacher appreciation the year before. So easy. Could do red velvet cake or strawberry and vanilla. Ooooh. Might have to make these this year too. Tutorial HERE.

Remember THESE rubber band bracelets my son was obsessed making!? He made Vday ones last year for the teachers and girls he wanted to bring a gift to.....yes, GIRLS with a S!!!! Oh dear!

So easy, makes a bunch and super cute! Can't wait to give these out this year.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

CRAPPY CUPCAKES - DOG POO birthday treat - funny- friends/co-workers/family FAKE FUN- looks real

So much fun! Great laugh and a funny way to add to a birthday. 


This is one of the funniest gag gifts that is really sweet too. Sweet as in "awwwwe" and sweet as in "yummm" LOL. Keep reading, you'll see. :)

So I originally made these crappy cupcakes for our ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY and they were a huge hit. Also would be great for APRIL FOOLS DAY prank!

All night I kept saying, "Try my crappy cupcakes" "They look like crap." Oh the fun once people looked at what I was talking about. 

Back to my gag cupcakes....

Since the party I've tweaked the doo doo recipe to make it look a little more real.

If you are not making your own chocolate icing I recommend this store bought icing. It's a little more thick.

I bought 2 king size recess peanut butter cups packages (8 cups) and took the edges off (hard part) and kept the peanut butter and soft, thin chocolate. This gives the dookie a lumpy/chunky look and the peanut butter drags through it making the different shades of poop. Ha! 

See? Eeeewww. 

I used a large freezer/storage ziplock bag with one corner cut off to apply the dog dung. 

For the flies I melted some chocolate candy melts and made little ovals. Before they were dry I used sprinkles for the eyes. For the birthday cupcakes I used pink "eyes" and for Halloween I used yellow.

The wings are made from cutting mini marshmallows in half. They stick pretty well so I add them after the chocolate is dry. 

NOW FOR THE SWEET PART..somewhat sweet :)

The tag on the top of the cupcakes says, "You're the sh*t" but inside....

Under each cupcake has qualities that make them awesome. Kind, loving, thoughtful, funny, caring, amazing...etc. 

So at first it's "WHAT!?" then, "GROSS!" ((but laughing)) and finally, "AWWWW!" 

I had other presents and this made a nice addition and a good laugh to the birthday surprise. 


Click HERE to download 4x6 You're the sh*t tag for FREE
(right click and save)
Click HERE to download 4x6 sweet you're the sh*t tag for FREE
(right click and save)

After thinking about it, this could be a mean gag gift too. Maybe....

You're a sh*tty boyfriend
You're full of crap
You're a crappy boss

Oh the possibilities are endless.

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