Monday, June 1, 2015

Movie STAR Teacher - End of the Year Appreciation - GIFT CARD - Hollywood Theme Award - FREE downloadable -cute IDEA

Lights, Camera, Action! 
The boys made these....ummm...I made these for the boys. :) These were the end of the year gifts for their teachers with a Hollywood Movie Star theme. After all, Teachers are the STARS of the school. 

Movie gift card by itself would've been great but we decided to make it a little extra special on presentation. Cute way to let the teacher know what an picture perfect year you had. Haha! Get it? Picture perfect! :)

Shredded paper or metallic
Boxed movie candy
Popcorn boxes
Award Trophies
Metallic star spiral 

I purchased the trophies and boxes from party city. Metallic shreds from Michael's Craft store.

I purchased AMC theatre cards in a pack, not any cheaper but sold in lower amounts. I needed one more and they didn't have them individually. So, I bought one Cinemark for his main teacher and added a little more money on that one.

Filled the popcorn boxes with paper. This is so you can see everything displayed. 

I printed the teachers names and double sided taped them to the bottom of the trophies.

I had some of the metallic star spiral from another project. I cut and twisted around my index finger at one end. They just added a little more sparkle.

So cute already!!!!!

I had some left over gold stars from a school awards ceremony and they were perfect to tape the gift cards on.

Made tags and tickets. Tags have a "Now Playing" and the teachers name under "Starring".
Tickets say From and the boys names.


FREE downloadable Terrific Teacher Movie tag you can print!
It's sized as a 4x6 photo print. Send to a 1hr photo lab or print at home.

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

FREE downloadable ticket you can print!
It's sized as a 4x6 photo print. Send to a 1hr photo lab or print at home.

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bacon Wrapped STUFFED jalapenos - GRILL FAVORITE! {{yum}} - BBQ - Memorial Day, 4th of July, SUMMER TIME fun

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos! Yummmmy!

These are easy to prep and could be baked in the oven too. BBQ favorite and must have. 

Fresh jalapenos

Slice the tops off  

Slice lengthwise

remove seeds and stem

Cream cheese

(if you like my nails....see this POST)


I've also seen these stuffed with seasoned hamburger meat. Haven't tried that but if you do, let me know what you think. 


I slice it in half for the smaller jalapenos and start a whole piece for the larger ones and remove excess

You can just put down foil but pie pans make it easier to move on the grill and bring inside. 
20-30 mins and they ROCK!!!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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