HOMECOMING MUM Texas Tradition - Football HOCO Garter Mum - DIY tutorial - Girls & Guys

If you live in Texas you definitely know all about mums. If you don't, be glad! :) This tutorial is for a very basic mum that was made for a 5th grader!! My son asked a friend to go but he also HAD to give her a mum. He gave me ONE DAY notice and I literately purchased the very last mum flower I found under a shelf at the craft store. Talk about fast and furious crafting. Whew!

Mum & garter mum

Mums grow each year and by senior year they are bigger than the girl.....so crazy!!!! I've seen some with lights and feather boas. I think our seniors at the high school do an all white theme (white & gold) and not the traditional school colors. I'll eventually find out. Geez!

My son is now 8th grade and last night he started asking about creative ways to ask someone to HOCO. He is not 100% sure he will ask her but wanted to give me notice just in case. Looks like he remembered from the last time. :)  I'll be buying supplies and may or may not be making one. :)

Lots and lots of ribbon
Accessories - footballs, bells, sport/activity trinkets
Mum flower
Mum cardboard base (2 pieces)
Mum flower decor (bear, large helmet, letters, etc.) 
Glitter stickers - names, year, etc.
Garter - for guys

I made ribbon loops to go around the mum base. 
There are so many different designs but this one is really easy. 

I tested the flower in the center to make sure the staples would be covered and tested spacing for the long ribbons. Don't forget to leave space to attach ribbons.


I found the center of the each ribbon (plain - not design ribbons) and folded the sides down to make a point. 
Staple near the point to keep the shape.

One single black wide ribbon for the center. Two sets of side ribbons layered based on width - large bottom (black), medium  - middle (red) and small - top (black) ribbons alternating colors. 

One wide black ribbon in the center and the layered ribbons on each side. 

I'm testing spacing before the ribbon loops were attached.

This are some additional ribbons specific to our school. They are not really suppose to be symmetrical ((cringing because I love symmetry)) BUT I think in the end only one or two were different. Lol. I pre-planned how I would layer them. 

Layer the ribbons and attach with hot glue.

Remember to position the ribbons with the names to be seen. Usually when they walk but only partially hidden when hanging.

Remember to add little accessories and bells. The noise is expected. 
I first tie it and then add a little ribbon. Extra little detail. 

I attach two ways for the girl to wear the mum. 1. the ribbon for around the neck to hang and 2. (not pictured) another ribbon loop to add a large safety pin to attach. 

IF she wore it around her neck the "v" shape would make it hang nice and leaves a little space between the ribbons not to choke her.  IF she didn't wear it around her neck the ribbons fall behind the mum and you can't see them. 

The small black "v" are the ends on the neck ribbon. I secured with hot glue. 

For the center of the mum I could only find a white bear. I was hoping for red since the mum flower was white. I ended up just using red accessories and stickers for the hat.

Hot glued the bear in the center of the flower.

Hot glued the flower to the base. DONE :) 


For the guys it's really similar but on a smaller scale. Smaller ribbons, smaller accessories, smaller base, etc. 
The only really difference is the garter. The guys wear them on their arm. 

Made the ribbon loops in each color. 

I attached the red first and waited to attach the second row of black.
Attached the base ribbons.

I tested placement of the black ribbon loops and decided to add the rest of the ribbons before attaching them. I wanted the ribbons placed wider than I planned. With the black loops attached I wouldn't have that much space to add ribbons.  

Attached the ribbons and black loops on top.

Trimmed ribbons and added the name stickers

Hot glued the mum flower

Attached the garter around the second base and attached it to one one with all the ribbon loops. 

Turned out so cute!

Enough pics!! 

Going to the game as a 5th grader means Mom goes too. :)

They had fun! 

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Birthday DECORATING at the OFFICE - cubical / desk idea - SURPRISE your Co-Worker / Boss - streamers, balloons, cake

I work in a small office and I love to celebrate birthdays AND I love the chance to decorate. {{please let me decorate!!!}} Last week we had a birthday and here's what I did. :)

I came in late in the day after everyone left but I think this could easily be prepped ahead of time.

Streamers $.87 each at HEB
Painters tape

I measured one streamer from the ceiling to the floor to get the length and used that to measure all the rest.

I created a pattern of colors and stapled them all together.

I used 5 balloons but you could do way more. I tied each balloon on a ribbon to give it more flexibility just in case I pulled the streamers tighter and it also hid any mistakes. I used one streamer out of order by accident and it twisted everything but you couldn't see it.

We have a drop down ceiling with acoustical tiles in our office. I just lifted one tiles and tucked the balloons and the group of streamers next to the balloons. Start with one streamer and kept the color pattern going.

Slightly twist as you work your way down to the floor.

I attached to the floor, desk, and wall with painters tape. It's not pretty but I wanted it to be easy to remove as well as not leave residue on the desk or wall.

Filled her desk with balloons 

and the cake

Everyone loved it and the birthday girl kept calling it her "cage." Lol!

I also made a KITTY LITTER cake for her because "She's the SH*T!"
Turned out to be a CRAPPY day so we made puns all day. A few years before I made her dog poo cupcakes with the same theme.

A few months earlier I ordered these custom donuts for another birthday and they were 
Fun and colorful!

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MONEY Lei - {{Candy & Cash}} fun creative gift idea - Graduation, Birthday

My son was invited to a birthday party last Friday and at this age (15 years old) it's not really presents any more but usually money or gift cards. Pretty much 12 years and up. :/ I love wrapping and gift cards are so boring.

ME: We should make a candy and money necklace!!!
SON: {{confused slash annoyed face}}
ME: What kid doesn't like CANDY & CASH!!???
SON: Just get a gift card
ME: Seriously, it's going to be awesome!
ME: You can have some of the candy.
SON: Sounds like a great idea.


Tulle or clear gift wrap
Double sided tape

We had Twix and M&M's. Halloween candy bought early knowing it won't even make it to October 1st. :/ At least it went to a project and I didn't eat it.

Torn between a few ideas but decided to use a roll of tulle someone gave me almost 4 years ago. Not only was I proving that being a pack rat pays off and finally using it, but I figured the tulle is stretchy enough that you could remove the candy to eat right away. 

Starting with the most important part of the gift, I had my son accordion fold the 20 $1 bills. 

Started with the candy at the edge of the tulle and rolled it twice. Then I used ribbon and tied one ribbon separating each piece of candy.

I used the same ribbon and tied a dollar between each candy.

I thought about making two together so it's a circle but it looks like a flower. I know he wouldn't mind a flower necklace but I like the fan look.

Used a red ribbon (to match the Twix logo) and tied a second dollar.

Used a tiny piece of double sided tape to stick the ends together.

Makes a little fan

 My son absolutely LOVED it. He said it was better than a gift card.

His friend thought it was pretty cool and that was before he noticed the money. LOL!

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