PICK A POP Carnival booth game for kids - EASY & FUN PARTY games - free printable - sucker / lollipop with a blue dot - DIY

We run a little booth for the library every spring and our table has a game to attract people over to talk about supporting the library. We tried a spinning wheel with book questions one year but when we had a bunch of kids it  got a little confusing. 

We wanted a game with:

  • easy prep time
  • easy set-up 
  • inexpensive 
  • easy to run ...AND
  • fun for the kids

We decided on PICK A POP! We've been doing this game for two years now and the kids love it. 

So easy. The game is played by picking a pop (obviously...lol) and IF it has a blue dot on the bottom you win a prize and the pop. IF it doesn't, you still get to keep the pop. WIN WIN game and everyone is happy. Well, the first year I really felt bad for the siblings that didn't get a blue dot. 

This year EVERY POP HAD A BLUE DOT!!! {{shhhhhhh...don't tell}}

It was funny when the adults would finally click that they are ALL blue after standing at the table for few minutes. Lol. It makes for a really fun day!


Blue sharpie or ink pad

I tried the ink pad and it took forever to dry so I prefer the sharpie. 

I sat with the box of pops and sharpie and colored while watching TV. 

To display the pops I re-used the same base or stand since 2014!! I've used it for several events and still looks great. How to make it HERE.

Fill the stand and save extras to refill! 

FREE 8x10 printable sign HERE.
(Click link to open and right click to save)

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