April Fool's Day pranks/jokes - EASTER fun!! Sushi, ice cream sundaes, empty eggs - FAKE OUT FOOD

April Fool's Day is one of my favorites!! BUT THIS April Fool's Day was the best!!!! This year Easter and April Fool's day were the same day!!!! Oh the possibilities!!!

Started the day with an egg hunt ....and all the eggs were empty. SO FUNNY, well for me it was. They opened every single egg hoping one had something. All empty!

To make it even better, I filled smaller empty eggs inside the larger eggs so it felt and sounded like they had candy in them. NOPE! 

I told them, "I thought you guys just enjoyed finding the eggs. We always have candy in the house so I didn't think it was a big deal I didn't fill them. Plus, the dogs kept messing with them and I thought they would eat the candy and get sick" {{academy award goes to me!}}

Ah, but I did have a REAL egg hunt. We have a small workout room in the garage and I hid all the eggs out there.

The challenge was to get them to go to the garage. First, I asked one of the boys to feed the dogs and even insisted it be now and before breakfast! He went into the garage but didn't see them!!!!! Next, I told my other son it was his turn to take out the trash. He did it and STILL didn't see them. Finally, I told them I had a new orange juice in the garage fridge BUT nope, there was still a tiny bit left and the other one didn't want any. UGH

 I didn't want to make it more obvious that I needed them in the garage so I was just going to let it play out. After breakfast we started talking about this older game for the old Xbox. That Xbox is in the workout area. FINALLY!!!

We had such a good laugh after thinking back during the morning egg hunt with all the empty eggs. Huge success!!!!

I did some of the usual tricks from years past just to see if I could get them again. Here are links to past posts for more ideas.
Next was dinner and I told them we were having ice cream sundaes for dinner and sushi for dessert.  :P

Ice cream sundaes were pulled pork and mashed potatoes layered with gravy.

I layered the mashed potatoes with an icing tip so it looked decorative.

Topped with a little cherry tomato and red and white striped straw. The straw sold it from a distance when I was walking to the table. The boys loved it!


Sushi was made from Rice Krispies Treats, Fruit Roll-ups, Swedish Fish candy, and sour gummy worms.

I didn't make the Rice Krispies Treats since I wasn't sure I could it without them noticing. The store bought ones are all the same size so it worked so perfect.

I cut one treat into 3 pieces.

Placed a Swedish Fish on top and wrapped with the Fruit Roll-Ups. The Fruit Roll-Ups are sticky so nothing extra is needed.

For the other ones, I cut one treat into two pieces with one larger piece.

I pushed the corners in to make it more round. Then used a large icing tip to remove a circle from the middle.

Then filled with cut sour gummy worms and wrapped the edge with Fruit Roll-Ups.

I love all the colors and so fun to make. I used the left overs in their lunch for school Monday and Tuesday and all the kids ooooh'd and ahhhh'd. I was named best Mom ever. :D

At this point it's hard to fool them but the sundaes were pretty convincing. Next year I should actually do what I say we're having and not switch it up. Lol!

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