Fake out Food - April Fool's Day - fun PRANKS - JOKES for the kids {{one mean}} Breakfast & Lunch, plus more!

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

So, "Operation Feel like a Jerkface" happened this morning. :/ After repeatedly asking me last year, apparently the boys don't remember saying they wanted any "mean" pranks on April Fool's Day. For the record, I prefer fun pranks/jokes BUT they asked!!! I ended up apologizing. Oooopsy. He did take it like a champ. At least the rest of the day is fun fun fun! Whew!

He took a HUGE bite. YIKES!

Here is the video of me prankin' my kid. Poor baby.

Well, at least it started off nice with a wake-up to a room filled with balloons :)

Next poppers above the door.

The idea is perfect. I hot glued the poppers to a piece of cardboard and then painters tape to attach to the frame of the door. Picture not shown with final piece of tape across the strings. I thought the flash would wake the boys.

Then attach strings with painters tape the the door.

The only problem was the boys couldn't open the door fast because of all the balloons. These DID NOT work but planning on tweaking it a bit and attaching to the bathroom door for later. 

This is the best toothpaste for this prank. I searched for an all white and super inexpensive and this is it!

Refill. Be careful not to stack. They are not as firm as oreo icing and will just run out the sides.

Cute little tag....hmmmm, oreos for breakfast?

Download original tag HERE 
(once open just right click and save)

I cut open a fresh baked load of bread from Randall's and removed some of the inside. I hid their real breakfast, a ham, egg and cheese breakfast burrito. 

Joke's on me. They just started eating the bread. Haha!

BTW, before I get all these "you waste food" comments, we saved the bread for dipping tonight. It's getting used.

Wrapped in cellophane 

When they finally realized the breakfast burrito........"MAAAAMA!!!"


Lunch! Mayo and broccoli. Lunch of champions :)

This actually didn't work out. My pudding would never set. I think it's because I used almond milk but not sure. It sat over night and still liquid. I ended up using cream cheese icing to fill the mayo jars. Looked perfect!

LOVE IT! They are going to be so surprised.

I left a little card in the lunch (downloadable card HERE) and will arrive with PTerry's! I wanted to sneak a video of both boys but they are at TWO different schools and lunch starts 10 minutes apart. WTH? Just happens that way. Going to video my younger son...maybe. 

Last, before they left for school they tried to put on their shoes but I filled the inside with tissue paper (same as last year.) I used black this year and it worked out perfect. Both boys checked their shoes and didn't see it. 

Now about to surprise the boys with PTerry's hamburgers and milkshakes. :D

Hope this gives you some ideas for next April Fool's or just to have a little fun anytime! 


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