DIY Mother's Day GIFT IDEA - Homemade - Fingerprint Fun! Quick, easy, inexpensive and fun CRAFT for the KIDS!

This was hands down fingers down one of my boys favorite projects/gifts to make. My favorite because it's personalized and SUPER inexpensive to create. 

They decorated a birdhouse but just paper for a homemade card, flower pot, coffee mug, etc. 

Perfect for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Teacher Appreciation, Christmas or just a fun surprise!

What you need:
ink pad (or paint)
permanent (fine tip) marker
spray sealer (especially if it's going outdoors)
something to fingerprint on :)

Busy fingers having fun creating sometimes forget to wipe or wash fingers when changing colors. Keep wet wipes handy, this will save your ink pad.

Poor ink pad :/ It's actually my reminder to remind the boys to remember before switching colors. :)

FROG- two thumb prints sideways
BEE- one index fingerprint
BUG- two tips of index or middle fingerprints
FLOWER- six index fingerprints and one tip of index or middle finger

SPIDER- one index fingerprint sideways

LADYBUG- one index fingerprint

I usually buy whatever sealer is on sale but I like how quick this one dried. 

Fingerprint projects can be on anything! 

The pot was a teacher appreciation gift and all the fingerprints were done by the class. She LOVED it!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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  1. Great ideas and thanks for sharing! Quick question, I see that marquee font alot on your site ("DIY" in above post has it). Where can I download it?

    1. Thank you, Carla! It's called Budmo Jiggler. I've downloaded it twice from free font websites. Don't remember which ones but it's a popular font.

    2. Many thanks for the exact font name. No others I could find were quite as good as this one (and your budmo jiggler is very available upon a quick free font search). Cheers!