ZOMBIES! Yearly Family Photos - HALLOWEEN - photography - {{BEWARE}} creepy/bloody - OUTTAKES

So, I know it's hard to tell from all the Halloween ZOMBIES, PARTIES, DEAD BODIES, DECORATIONS that we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween. 

Our family tradition for Halloween is to take family zombie pictures!!! We look forward to this every year and if the make-up wasn't so labor intensive, we would do a Christmas one too. We plan a theme and use the photos for a Halloween card. So much fun!  Can't wait to post this years photo but for now lets take a look back on past photos. Awe! Look at my little zombies getting so big :)

Oh and sorry for all the watermarks. I'm having a problem with people taking my small little watermark out and stealing my photos and using as their own and even advertising with them. :/ {{not a happy blogger}}

2009 Graveyard

Even the dog is a zombie :)

2010 Dinner Time

2011 Bath Time

Even the rubber ducky is a zombie. This is my personal favorite. I love all the details and I set-up and planned for weeks.
2012 Sightseeing

I used the top photo as the stamp on the postcard. We had lots of looks driving around town that day. Lol!

2013 Family BBQ

This was very very last minute. I was working so much I didn't have a chance to get everything together. Still love how it turned out.

Now for some more pics and outtakes :)

The bottom smile is soooooo creepy. Oooh I love it!


Check back for our 2014 Family Zombie Photo 

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DIY- Wallpaper Filing Cabinet Makeover - Tutorial - Office Project - SKULLS!!!

So with being a tad OCD I'm also a huge pack rat. One step from hoarding so officially NOT a hoarder. :D My logic anyway.

On fbook we have a local "swap" site that people list things to sell or giveaway. The giveaway part is my problem and I frequently need to remind myself that my husband will kill me if I bring anything else home. BUT I couldn't pass up a functioning piece of furniture, right!?

A functioning piece of furniture that needed a mini makeover.

Pictures don't do it justice. It's amazing! 

Raised and velvety

Oooooh! I instantly wanted to cover every room in the house!!! Since that's not an option, I thought of 50 things I wanted to craft. In addition to that I'm stalking watching glancing on the swap site for any giveaways. It's really really fast pace and you have to post "I want it" first and then for the rest they type "next" just in case they pass on the item. Not bragging but I was first. What is it? 

Filing cabinet. :) I know, not that exciting but I was super pumped to do a mini makeover with the new wallpaper. It's so pretty I needed to craft something for my office so I can see it all the time.

First I took the hardware off...well, tried. The lock was a little tricky but the "fang" looking piece to the far left slides off to release the lock after the bolt is removed. I didn't know that but finally figured it out. 

Hardware finally removed and I could continue

Measured and re-measured and re-re-measured before I cut. For the lock I traced it from the inside and cut.

Ready to apply

I put a coat of Mod Podge on the cabinet and pressed wallpaper firmly. 
re-attached hardware and DONE!!

Oooooh ahhhhhh! I LOVE it! 

Oh the possibilities! Check back soon!

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Part 2 -OCTOBER -Breast Cancer Awareness MONTH - IDEAS - Pink Ribbon bling lanyards TEACHER gifts

The boys gave THESE Breast Cancer Awareness gifts to their teachers earlier this month but I found something else. 

With all that sparkle they were practically calling me from across the store. {{Look at me! MUST BUY!}}
The boys gave similar ones out the last couple years but for teacher appreciation week. 


These were bling and they had pink ribbon charms!

Plus, part of the proceeds go to the Komen Foundation dedicated to education and research about causes, treatment, and the search for a cure. SOLD! I might need to add shopaholic to my list of crazy disorders. Nah! :)

Made custom gift tags with To: and From: for each teacher

I didn't want the back to be blank so I made a solid glitter tag. Can't go wrong with more sparkle. 

Teachers loved them!

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OCTOBER -Breast Cancer Awareness MONTH - IDEAS - Pink Ribbon Pins and gifts

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Halloween Party IDEAS ((frightful finger foods and devilish drinks)) - PART 2 - HOW TO DETAILS

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! I know it's hard to tell with our YEARLY ZOMBIE PICS and past HALLOWEEN PARTIES :)

I posted all the pictures from our 2013 Halloween Party but now for some of the details.

Classic Spanish Sangria
(base recipe from allrecipes.com but I tweaked it a bit.)

1 lemon
1 lime
1 orange
1 1/2 cups of Spiced rum (sweet not spicey)
1/2 cup of Triple Sec.
1 (750milliliter) bottle of dry red wine (blackberry Merlot the best...super sweet so watch out. Guests might drink a little too much!)
1 cup orange juice
Handful of grapes

Have the fruit, rum, wine and orange juice well chilled. slice the lemon, lime, and orange into thin rounds and place in large container (dispenser or glass pitcher - roaches are optional) Pour in rum and sugar. Chill in refrigerator for 2 hours to develop the flavors.

Table of snack food

Live Worms - cut hotdogs long ways and put in boiling water for just a few minutes. The curl up and look like "worms." I pre-cut the day before but the very last thing I do before guest arrive if put them in the boiling water so they are still warm.

Fluffy Slime Cheesecake - Full tutorial HERE

Vomit Dip - I know, sound delish :) It's cream cheese and salsa mixed together. I think it's 2:1 for cream cheese to salsa. Set cream cheese out to soften. Makes it so much easier to mix together. I make this the day before and store in the fridge.

Bloody Bandages - graham crackers and white and red icing. These can't be made too far in advance because the graham cracker gets soft. 

Dirty Q-tips - I've seen people use pretzels for the stick but I actually used sucker sticks from Michael's and cut them in half. Rolled, squeezed, squashed a mini marshmallow on the end and dipped in melted butterscotch baking chips. YUM! I made these the night before.

Do you remember my Pink Panties or Pink Poodle {{adult drink}} from THIS POST? (end of the post)

Dirty Panties ((ADULT DRINK)) - Sounds gross but for an adult drink I wanted the reaction. :D. So I made PINK PANTIES or PINK POODLE (instructions at the end of the post) and added green food color to make them look dirty. 
You can premake and put them individually in the freeze about an hour or two before the party. I think the whip cream prevents them from freezing all the way.

Gobling Juice - ((KIDS DRINK)) - It's just lemonade with green food color and bug ice cubes. EASY! I add the green food color to the bottles of lemonade the day before and put back in the fridge until the party.

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