OCTOBER -Breast Cancer Awareness MONTH - IDEAS - Pink Ribbon Pins and gifts

The last two years I posted the teacher gifts the boys handed out for Breast Cancer Awareness and this year is no different. 

A little over a week and a half ago my older son's second grade teacher lost her battle with breast cancer. I can't even imagine the fear when multiple treatments fail. I can't imagine the heartache of knowing you will leave behind a husband and two year old son. I can't imagine the pain your body goes through in your final days. Tears stream down my face just thinking what this family is going through. 

Taken way too soon.

The boys colored their hair and wearing pink for all of October.

Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken and never, never giving up hope!

It's time to find a cure!

I originally was only including socks and bracelets (found at Michael's) but the rest of September I kept finding things to add. 

Pins, pens, ribbons, straws, bracelets, socks, bracelets for the men (Real Men Wear Pink,) glitter stickers, bags and custom tags

The boys handed these out to all the rest of the teachers

I saved the straws for DIPPED MARSHMALLOWS 

Bagged with a ribbon

Personalized To: and From: tags and DONE!

This was when the teacher at his school went on hospice in September. He started with a lighter pink to honor her. 

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