WARNING!!! Blue Infant/baby NASAL SUCKER - Bulb - Filled with MOLD???

I normally blog just crafts and baking but this was so crazy to me. I don't have small children anymore but I do nanny for a family that does. You know those blue bulb boogie sucker things (technical name I'm sure) the hospital gives you?? 

Well, I love how effective they are but I saw a warning on TV. It said that even if you rinse in hot water or bleach or put in the dishwasher, the inside can not dry properly. It can buildup with mold. The only way to check it is by destroying it (cutting open.) I decided to see if I could check the one (4 months old) that I just used the day before. 

I found some toothpicks and scrapped the inside and pulled out slimy black crud. Pretty sure this thing is filled with mold. {{chills}} Gross!

 Now to cut open..... WOW, so nasty! Covered in mold and I used it the day before on the baby. :(

Just an FYI these are not to be used long term.

The newest things are these "sucker" types and I personally used the NoseFrida one and it works great.

If you just love the bulb they do have one that can be opened. 

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BITE SIZE - Mini Chocolate Dipped Oreos ((Valentine's Day gifts)) IDEAS - chocolate transfer sheets - DIY

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I made these for the teachers last year. BITE SIZE chocolate dipped oreos. YUMMMM!!! I love dipped oreos and make these quite often but the minis are so cute.

More detailed step by step instructions on THIS post

size difference :) Not sure the mini's are the best idea. I end up eating way more. Cute but naughty.

If you don't have or want to purchase transfers you can just use sprinkles or drizzle chocolate over them. 

This idea originally came when I ordered pre-printed chocolate transfer sheets. They were way too small to fix a regular sized Oreo or even cut to cover it. At first I was bummed but then there was a huge sale on mini cookies for $1 a bag and I of course stocked up thinking I won't eat these....just for gift ideas. Yeah right. So, I'm eating half the bag and realize they might be the right size.  

Made large and small

Ahhhh....so cute!

Found the jars at Michael's for .50cent each. Think it fit about 5.

Added a cute little label.

And a bow

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