Chocolate Dipped VALENTINE'S DAY Oreos! Super cute gift idea! Glitter & chocolate transfer sheets.

I've made these before and shared the how to make part. Check out these two links for more details.

This is what I'm doing for Valentine's Day for friends, neighbors, and teachers. 

I LOVE how they turned out!!!!

Yup, the edible holographic glitter AGAIN! I can't help it, I'm in love. Still can't capture the awesome sparkle. :( 

Instead of the transfers and glitter, you could drizzle pink and red chocolate melts or put a heart sprinkle in the middle. 


(Same bags as for the dipped marshmallows)

added a pink ribbon

Ready to box

Since I'm addicted to glitter, I found this super cute glitter box at Micheal's for $1.19.

Matched perfectly

Added the same pink ribbon from the oreo bags to the outside of the box and TA-DAAAAAA!!!!

Hope this gives you some inspiration.

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