Anti-Bullying Poster {{FREE DOWNLOAD}} OCTOBER Campaign - IDEAS - Classroom, Hallway, Counselor Office

Remember THIS POST? Well, it's the most viewed post I have. My son made a poster for an Anti-Bullying awareness campaign for school and I shared it. Almost daily I get comments or requests for the poster or at least the shoes to duplicate this idea.

As nice as it is to have so many people visit my blog, it also means so many people/schools are searching for Anti-Bullying posters.

 If I had known, I would've kept the graphics and maybe taken better photos. We had 2 mins in the driveway before heading to school to snap a few pictures.

Now, after all these years and hundreds of requests......I'm making a digital copy to download.
Why I didn't think of this sooner???

School is about to start and I wanted this available for anyone that wants it!

These sizes work great:

These sizes still work but cuts off some of the top and bottom:

(click above to open and then right click and save)

Upload to any photo website to print as a poster

Thank you for all the feedback and wonderful comments! 

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DINOSAUR Birthday Party Ideas - DIY 3ft ERUPTING Volcano - Dino theme CAKE - Kids parties

Volcano supplies:
Trash bags

I stacked two large boxes in the center and a bucket on top for erupting the volcano.

Crumbled newspaper and taped. Repeated this step until I had a larger base.

Taped trash bags around the entire volcano to hid the newspaper.

Use red spray paint at the top as the lava.

Now we are ready to erupt the volcano!!! 

To do this I hot glued 5 Mentos together. Inside the bucket at the top of the volcano I placed a 2 liter bottle of coke. 

Just drop Mentos in the 2 liter and RUN! I didn't really need to run but I did anyway.

Everyone loved the erupting volcano. I did it about 4 times. 

Chocolate round cakes stacked and trimmed. Regular chocolate frosting and lava is made from powdered sugar, milk and red food color.

I added some of the boys toy dinosaur figures around the base.

 I also made cupcakes with cute dinosaur picks. I arranged them in a number 5 on a piece of cardboard wrapped with the same table covering.

I've made these water bottle labels for every party theme for the boys. So easy and everyone loves them.
Personalized the front

Nutrition Facts on the back.
Kids eaten......0% 

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DINOSAUR Birthday Party Ideas - DIY Dino Dig - GIANT Fossil Sand Pit - lava cover - LOTS OF DECORATIONS

Indoor GIANT fossil sand pit!! What a huge hit with the kids. My son's birthday is in January and we had some crappy weather leading up to his birthday. I thought this would be a fun idea to keep the kids busy. Also, I knew kids would go crazy with sand so I made a cover (see below) to stop the sand pit at any time. 

I just used boxes to make the bottom and sides. Covered the entire thing in craft or packing paper. I purchased at Michael's using coupons.

I made three mold sets and distressed with white and cream craft paint. Once dry I attached to the paper with hot glue. I didn't want the kids running off with them. They are breakable, especially the feet.

Filled with sand and ready to play!!
Sandbox sand was purchased at Home Depot along with the paint brushes.

Made cute personalized stickers for the brushes.
Printed on address labels and cut to fit the brush.

Pre-party fossil pit digging :)

Kids absolutely went crazy for it.
To make sure this activity didn't continue the entire party or/and kids were making a big mess, we made a cover. 

Dinosaur theme so we made a lava cover for the sand pit. It's just a large box broken down and edges rounded.
Both boys helped paint. Love my little helpers. 

I closed it up to start playing games. The kids could've stay here the entire time. They love it that much. 


I made these cool vines by twisting packing or craft paper. It didn't require any glue or anything. I added leaves cut from Crepe Paper Streamers.

This is the best picture of the side of the table. I used two different color table covers. One I cut the edges and the other I wrapped around the base of the table. BTW, the table is also made from boxes. 

Worked out perfect! One problem was the kids like to use the table to stand up and it can't hold their weight. I would suggest adding some weight to the base boxes. 

 I don't know if they still make the ones I used but I found these cool Dinosaur Theme Plates and Napkins.

I needed some filler decor so the boys helped paint these rocks from a cardboard box.

Since I had vines hanging everywhere we decided to add lots of balloons and long ribbon.

Purchased Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs that were for the kids but just like the GIANT DINO EGGS they were also decorations for the party.

I had Foam Dinosaur Masks for the kids too!

Outside I used more blow up dinosaurs, balloons, vines and ordered a personalized banner.

Don't mind all the dead plans and grass. Party was January so everything looked like that.

Dinosaur foot prints with craft paint leading up to the door. I used the same stencils as the invitations and silverware holders.

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DINOSAUR Party Ideas - GIANT Dino Eggs - FAVOR "box" & Dino Recycled Crayons

3D Dinosaur Party Decorations / Party Favors
Dinosaur egg decoration or party favor????? BOTH!!!!!

I told you I love paper mache! These eggs were such a fantastic idea and super inexpensive to make. They did, however, take lot and lots and lots of time and planning. 

Glue or flour (depending on recipe)
Paper clips (for hanging to dry)

After I made the paper mache mix I blew up a balloon to a good size. (Really just depending on how much you want to cover) I made one giant and then I wanted them to all be the same size.

I cover the balloon with strips of 1" wide newspaper in different directions and over lapping. 

To dry I hung by the balloon end in my garage with a paper clip and hung from a shelf. It would only fit 4 eggs at a time. Yes, I planned forever for this party. 

After drying I check if there were any weak spots that might need an extra strip or two of paper and re-hung to dry. Once completely dry I spray painted them silver and used a speckled spray paint (gray, black and white) to lightly give a textured look. Then back to dry.

I left the balloon blow up while I completed more eggs but as the days went by the balloon would shrink putting stress on the paper mache. I would recommend popping the balloon and placing them somewhere safe since they will dent or crush easy.

I ended up making 26!!! 
I also made one special darker green egg that was for the birthday boy. (Left front)

I filled with goodies and covered the hole with a piece of dry newspaper with glue on the edges (you can tell on the left side.) A little more spray paint and finished!

I did this so the kids could poke through the paper for a starting point to open the egg. This really came in handy since I made the eggs so sturdy. Some of the kids tried to ripe them open and they just crushed the egg. :)

Can you see the smaller eggs? I filled them with some beans and we played a Hot Potato type of game. I made a few just in case a kid squeezed it really hard. They're sturdy but not that sturdy.

At the party all the parents and kids were obsessed with the giant eggs all over the house. After we erupted the 3ft volcano (will post soon) in the front yard I brought them all outside. The kids went crazy and the parents couldn't believe it!!!! Everyone was so impressed the decorations doubled as favor "boxes." 

Now, what did I fill them with????

I filled the egg with everything except the CD. It was a little too wide and I thought they were too cute not to hand out separately. 

Dinosaur Money
Dinosaur Gliders
Homemade Dino Crayons

I purchased it on sale throughout the year leading up to the party but now buying everything online is so much easier.

You can't tell from the photo but the lime green paper paper shreds said HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY JAKE on the front and back. Awe! It's all about the details. :)

Made these CD's with dino themed music and custom label. They were really impressive 10 years ago. Now, probably not.

Everyone loved these dinosaur crayons. I saved all the broken crayons for about two years. FINALLY being a pack rat paid off. Lol. 

Separated them by similar color and melted in small batches using an old pot. Use something old because it basically ruins the pot. Start on low heat and try not to heat too fast.

Once melted I poured into a Dinosaurs Candy Mold. I immediately put it in the freezer after filling so the heat wouldn't distort the mold. Only took a few minutes to cool.

Love how they turned out!

I made enough so each package of crayons had five different dinosaur colors.

Hope you enjoy all the fun party ideas!!

Check back soon for my post on more dinosaur decorations, cake, 3ft volcano I erupted in the front yard plus so much more!

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