DINOSAUR Birthday Party Ideas - DIY 3ft ERUPTING Volcano - Dino theme CAKE - Kids parties

Volcano supplies:
Trash bags

I stacked two large boxes in the center and a bucket on top for erupting the volcano.

Crumbled newspaper and taped. Repeated this step until I had a larger base.

Taped trash bags around the entire volcano to hid the newspaper.

Use red spray paint at the top as the lava.

Now we are ready to erupt the volcano!!! 

To do this I hot glued 5 Mentos together. Inside the bucket at the top of the volcano I placed a 2 liter bottle of coke. 

Just drop Mentos in the 2 liter and RUN! I didn't really need to run but I did anyway.

Everyone loved the erupting volcano. I did it about 4 times. 

Chocolate round cakes stacked and trimmed. Regular chocolate frosting and lava is made from powdered sugar, milk and red food color.

I added some of the boys toy dinosaur figures around the base.

 I also made cupcakes with cute dinosaur picks. I arranged them in a number 5 on a piece of cardboard wrapped with the same table covering.

I've made these water bottle labels for every party theme for the boys. So easy and everyone loves them.
Personalized the front

Nutrition Facts on the back.
Kids eaten......0% 

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