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I feel like I could post almost everyday but sometimes it's a repeat idea or not enough for a whole post. Here are some ideas, tips, or tricks that are too cute not to share. They are very random and from all times during the year.

Happy Birthday wrapped lunch. I've done this in the past but haven't had a birthday fall on a school day in awhile. He was so excited and texted, "Thank you sooooo much!" He sat down first and when he opened his lunch bag the kids next to him said he had to wait for all his friends to see. Oh and I did hear that I'm the best Mom ever. <3

Cupcake? Cookie? What is it??? Pineapple shaped like a cupcake and dipped in chocolate! He said it was so good! April Fool's idea or cute lunch snack.

My Keurig stopped working. ((sniffle)) The light came on to descale so I filled the water container with vinegar and water, removed coffee pod, rinsed, and hit run (large cup light.) It just dripped and dripped. I tried for over 40 mins and only a 1/3 cup ran. I was almost ready to get a new machine! Plus I hadn't had my coffee!!!

 I read to clean the needle that punctures the coffee pod because it can get clogged. It has three holes near the top but no way that little thing could all of a sudden stop my whole machine. I used a paperclip to clear one hole and water started draining. I cleared all three and tried again. IT RAN!!! I can not believe the needle shut my whole machine down and wouldn't run anything.

 I decided to descale since I started the process. I used a straw to blow air into the water intake to clear the hose. It has two holes so I put the straw over one and covered the other with my thumb. When I blew the air it made bubbles where the base of the water container sits. I did that a few times and then ran the vinegar/water mixer until I couldn't smell it anymore. It took about 7-8 refills until I felt like I wasn't going to drink coffee that taste like vinegar. Lol!

 I'm so excited it works PERFECTLY!!!
Yay for coffee!!!

Letter filled with hearts! Sending some love!
Cute idea to send money. Lots of hearts and cash!

If you fold the paper in half and half again you can punch 4 hearts at a time. 

I made the same hearts for an APRIL FOOL'S JOKE slash care package HERE

Fun prank boxes found at Wal-Mart

I had more fun with this one. He didn't think it was fun idea at first. Then I told him to get out the broom and get to "playing" your new game. LOL!!!

Easy way to wrap a gift card to make it a little more fun.
I did something similar before but also added a cute embellishment. SEE HERE

Write a message with a toothpick on a banana and by lunchtime the message shows up! My son LOVED this. 

These would be cute for new neighbors or new co-worker. 
I made these for our new office building. We wanted to introduce ourselves and invite them to come say HI :) The whole building loved them.

I made all different tags with the company logo and bagged. One short ribbon to tie the bag and one long ribbon to hang. 

I've made this cake several times but usually with Kit Kat candy. It was for a friend of my boys and we had all this leftover Halloween candy. She loved it! You can see the full tutorial HERE.

I've made this for birthday gifts, white elephant party, gift exchange, and Christmas. WHAT'S IN THE BREAD??? The full tutorial HERE.

This was a last minute cake idea and I forgot to get candles. UGH! I went to the store and they were out of 1 for the 13 I needed. Well, I found these HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles and guess what!???? It's THIRTEEN candles!!! Ahhh WIN! I would love to say I planned this but totally didn't. :)

I've made this so many times with tons of different variations but never a full post. I'll share all the cool combos but for now I'll give you quick photo tutorial. 

These are really cool. Mini bags of candy melts in all colors.  They would work perfect for this idea.

This was for our office holiday card. I love how it turned out. 
Cute idea for a family photo shoot and use FAMILY.

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