Bacon Wrapped STUFFED jalapenos - GRILL FAVORITE! {{yum}} - BBQ - Memorial Day, 4th of July, SUMMER TIME fun

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos! Yummmmy!

These are easy to prep and could be baked in the oven too. BBQ favorite and must have. 

Fresh jalapenos

Slice the tops off  

Slice lengthwise

remove seeds and stem

Cream cheese

(if you like my nails....see this POST)


I've also seen these stuffed with seasoned hamburger meat. Haven't tried that but if you do, let me know what you think. 


I slice it in half for the smaller jalapenos and start a whole piece for the larger ones and remove excess

You can just put down foil but pie pans make it easier to move on the grill and bring inside. 
20-30 mins and they ROCK!!!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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RED NOSE DAY - May 21, 2015 - HAVING FUN for a GREAT CAUSE! Charities for Children

Today is Red Nose Day

This event started in the UK over 25 years ago and this is the first year in the United States! The goal is to raise money to help lift children from poverty. The boys and I thought it was a great cause and be silly too!

This was the Walgreens flyer

We purchased our noses $1 a few weeks back for Walgreens. 1/2 the proceeds go toward charities for children. 

Tonight NBC 8/7
Seth Meyers, David Duchovny and Jane Krakowski will host the "Red Nose Day," NBC's star studded charity event! 


Sheeran, Josh Groban, Christian Slater, Al Roker, Andy Cohen, Kellan Lutz and Kermit the Frog are joining the "fun-raising" special. Featuring great comedy, videos produced by Funny or Die, incredible music performances and almost 100 of Hollywood's favorite stars, the benefit event will help 12 charity organizations lift children and young people out of poverty in the U.S. and in some of the poorest communities in the world. Meyers, Duchovny and Krakowski will each host one hour of the three-hour live event happening at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom.

Have fun. Raise Money. Change Lives.
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National Police Week IDEAS - Thank you gift/treat - THIN BLUE LINE - Cop Appreciation - Show Support

These ideas could be used all year round but this week is National Police Week. I love the idea of showing our support for our law enforcement and also remembering those that lost their lives in the line of duty.

This week I'm bringing goodies, lunch for the PD one day and breakfast (muffins) for a Fallen Officer Memorial ceremony.

 I found a great resource called Whole Truth Project that has wonderful quotes and photos. I re-worked some of their designs to fit what I needed them for and mostly to make them all one size.

This what we are delivering to the PD tomorrow.

Dipped oreos with motivational quotes. Plus a note that lets them know we appreciate what they do. 

To make:
Oreos - I love the birthday cake....yummmm
Candy Melts
Thick icing tip (see below)
Icing bag or ziplock
Tags/double sided tape - optional

The only time I can find black candy melts in store is Halloween so I stock up. You can order online or local bake shops carry them.

For more details and photos on dipping oreos see THIS post.

I dipped in black but if you can find chocolate it looks great too. 

They sell this tip individually and less expensive but I was given this set years ago. Not sure what tip number but it's flat and thin.

One THIN BLUE LINE and let dry. EASY!

Printed and trimmed tags. Used double sided tape to attach.
Unfortunately since these are not my design I supplied a link at the top of this post to tags. These are only re-sized to fit my project.

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Any questions, please ask! 

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Teacher Appreciation Week - You're the BALM (bomb) FREE printable tag - favor topper - GIFT IDEA for anyone - EOS - family, friends, neighbors, co-workers

I love teacher appreciation and I love spoiling all the teachers but this week gets so hectic and crazy. I need easy. I need QUICK and EASY! This idea is just that.

I used this for teacher appreciation but it could be for co-workers, friends, family, neighbor......anyone you think is the BALM! :)

Print tag
Fold (or just cut off the back text)


Only downside is that if you haven't found a sale, balms can get kinda expensive. For one or two it's perfect but they almost have 20 between both two boys. They want to bring one the art, P.E., principle, asst. principal, nurse, counselor, music and main teacher something. YIKES!

I happen to find these EOS balms on sale for $2.49 which is still expensive. I did notice Walgreen's has very similar looking balms in their brand for much cheaper.

FREE downloadable tag you can print!
It's sized as a 4x6 photo print. Send to a 1hr photo lab or print at home.

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

What about guy teachers???

FREE downloadable tag you can print!
It's sized as a 4x6 photo print. Send to a 1hr photo lab or print at home.

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

Love how they turned out!

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SUPER quick Mother's Day Flower Tag - FREE printable - ADD to flowers - IDEA/GIFT - special touch

Need a last minute Mother's Day tag??? These are a great way to add a little special note that will make Mom say, "Awwwe!" 
FREE printable/downloadable, super quick and easy and did I mention FREE!? 

Add to a bouquet of flowers, single flower, potted plant with flowers.....okay, you get the idea. Add to anything with flowers.

I took both tags and stuck them on the plastic card pick (both sides to hide the pick) and put it in the vase with the flowers. If you want to see a cute way to wrap flowers individually see my TEACHER flower tag post I did last year for Teacher Appreciation Week.
 Also has details on wrapping flowers so they last a few days. 

I made two tags for Mother's Day. 

If you are an only child or just want all the credit, here's your tag.

FREE downloadable tag you can print!
It's sized as a 4x6 photo print. Send to a 1hr photo lab or print at home.

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

If you are giving it together with a sibling that perhaps forgot and you're pulling the weight, here's your tag. (I'm kidding...kinda)

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

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YOU ROCK! Teacher Appreciation Week IDEA - fun inexpensive gift - HIDDEN - Surprise treat in a can - FRUGAL and super cute!

We did these before for an end of the year teacher gift and filled with MONEY!
Awesome and the teachers loved it BUT I don't own a money tree (dang!) and it's way too expensive with all the teachers they have.

Art x 2, P.E. x 2, Music x 2, Librarian, main & switch teacher, nurse, receptionist, Principal and Asst. Principal.....Geez, I feel broke just thinking about it. 

Since the boys want EVERY teacher to feel special {{awwwwe}} this is what we came up with.  

Problem solved! Something inexpensive, cute, and a surprise treat to let them know they are appreciated. 


Lol, yes rocks. They are chocolate river rocks that look so real that I needed to add a tag that says they are candy. Also, the theme of the school is YOU ROCK! TEACHERS ROCK! The school ROCKS! 

AND we secretly hid them in a pop top can. 

Not much but just enough to make them smile. 

I purchased inexpensive cans with a pop top and no markings or instructions on the top of the can. We all know how to pop open a can, plus it takes away from the gift. 

Only time I like the markings on the can is for APRIL FOOL'S DAY fake outs AND replaced lunch for a prank. Priceless!

What cans to look for?

Remember to place the bags of rocks upside down in the can. They will open it from the other side.

If you want these tags I have a free download on THIS post

For the bottom I added shredded packing paper like paper Easter grass or tissue paper. The reason you need the paper is when you re-seal the can with hot glue it doesn't get on the bag of rocks. It just sticks to the paper. The glue doesn't have to be perfect because no one sees the bottom until it's already opened.

I measured and cut labels using the existing label removed from the can.

Double-sided tape and press around the can

Add a ribbon and done!

Super cute, right!?

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