SNEAKY, creative, & fun way to give MONEY! $$$ BEST gift ever! CASH - Fake out -IDEAS for Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation...ANYTHING!

Looks crazy, right!? Can of beans and rocks. Wow, grrrreat gift. 

BUT it's secretly filled with $$$$$$

Giving cash doesn't have to be boring! Don't just write a check....(although I will definitely take a check any day!) 
This could be a fun idea for Christmas, graduation, teacher end of the year gift, birthday, ANYTHING! In fact, you are welcome to try this on me and I'll totally be fooled. Promise. :)

I purchased inexpensive cans (about money height) with a pop top and no markings or instructions on the top of the can. We all know how to pop open a can, plus it takes away from the gift. 

Only time I like the markings on the can is for APRIL FOOL'S DAY fake outs AND replaced lunch for a prank. Priceless!

Anyway, you also want a can that can be opened from the bottom. Here is a quick video to show you the difference in cans and the ones that work best.


Oooooh! Just money secretly hidden in a can would be awesome BUT we made them extra special. 

Each boy wrote out something special about their teacher for each letter of the alphabet on sticky notes. 
Gave each teacher $26 so total $52 for both.

They were so sweet. "S" is for Sad. I'm going to be sad you are not my teacher next year. {{sniffle}}

Used removable tape to attach each bill together.

This will make it so much easier to take apart....seriously, so easy. Other tape will tear the bills. 


Now this is where the rocks come in. 

It's rock candy and since they look real I added a tag that said that.

FREE downloadable Rock Candy tag HERE
(then right click and save)

I cut out with a 1/2" lever punch

See!? If you pull the candy bag all the bills pull out so nicely.

Since the can is opened from the other side, I turn the roll upside down to insert.

For the bottom I added shredded packing paper like paper Easter grass or tissue paper. The reason you need the paper is when you re-seal the can with hot glue it doesn't get on the money. It just sticks to the paper. The glue doesn't have to be perfect because no one sees that side until it's already opened.

Measured and cut labels using the existing label I removed from the can. I'm SO smart. {{pat on the back}} Rare but sometimes I have my moments....sometimes. (just kidding)

Double sided tape and press around the can.

Add a couple ribbons AND.....

Ta-DA!!!! So super cute!

I received a sweet text from both teachers and one sent me this picture :) I was so excited the idea worked.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Seriously awesome!! I am SO BUMMED I already bought chocolate/macademia nuts for our Teacher Appreciation tomorrow, argh!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure your gift was great and very appreciated. Maybe an idea for end of the year gift or next year. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. :)

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