EARTH DAY chocolate globes & FREE bag toppers - printable tags - Class Gift IDEA - Candy Party Favor

Happy Earth Day!!! 
I couldn't decide on a design for the bag toppers and had to edit and re-edit so here I am writing this really really late on Earth Day Eve on Earth Day because I didn't finish the post until now. 

Anyway, the boys love to recycle and wanted to hand something out to their class to remind people of the three R's. 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

 I ordered these super cute chocolate globes and they look better in person.

We originally planned to put a few in each bag but then the boys said, "Why not one? We just have one Earth." SMART! ....ummmm....I mean, I planned that all along with the symbolism and stuff with just one. Only earth we have. Totally my idea...totally. :)

Finally decided on a tag. Once cut to size I folded in half.

3"x 4" bag 

Printed, cut down to size, and double sided tape to attach tags.


On the back I put From: and their name.

This is why I couldn't decide. I love the tree but after printing I thought it was too girly for my boys to hand out. They ended up giving these to the teachers and the other design to the class.

Here is the FREE downloadable tag. No date so it can be used every Earth Day and put it on anything.

(then right click and save)
4x6 size but graphic fits a 3"x4" bag shown above. You can print at home or send to a 1hr photo lab. Trim excess white from sides and bottom. Fold and attach. 


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