Celebrating with Dipped Oreos - Color theme MUST match - ribbon, sprinkles, tags - DIY stand / holder

I've been known to have a little, tiny bit of OCD....smidge maybe. Okay, who am I kidding. I'm the one in the pantry turning cans to face the front while throwing something away in your trash. Yes, it's that bad.

With crafting this is hard to be spontaneous and non-symmetrical. VERY hard. And if I'm going for a color theme EVERYTHING has to match. For example, I was going with a purple theme to match a logo and sprinkles do not include purple!!!

My husband, "Does it really matter?" Me: {{concerned look with mouth probably open in shock}} "Um, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Ahhh! Problem solved and the project can continue. 

Enlisted my two helpers that work for mess-up's :) This is unlike my hubby that doesn't help and thinks every one is a mess-up. 

Wondering about the PINK HAIR?

Sticked, dipped, sprinkled and bagged

Found matching ribbon. {{insert happy dance}}

Love how they turned out. Wouldn't be the same without the purple sprinkles.

Made matching tags. These took a few tries. My computer screen color and the printed version were a little off. This was totally not going to work. Everything MUST match!!!!

You can order personalized tags HERE

Serenity with a perfect match

They turned out so cute that putting them on a plate didn't do all the hard work justice

Used a 50% off coupon and got this for just under $6 

Wasn't sure how heavy the oreos would make it and was concerned the styrofoam might snap in half when carrying it. That would be embarrassing! So I used leftover pieces from a science project board (I don't throw anything out) and attached with hot glue. 

Wrapped with craft paper which is pretty thick and added a little hot glue to seal the edges

Since I didn't want any of the sticks to bend, I used a pen to pre-poke the holes


Super easy to carry and it looked awesome! Best part is I brought it home to reuse again. 

HUGE hit! Great way to celebrate 5 years of helping the homeless!


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9/11 Tribute - STAIR CLIMB - Police / Firefighters - PLUS Cookies!!!

Local First Responders Remember Colleagues Lost on Sept. 11 

Boys checked it out before it started

To honor the memory of those who lost their lives they climbed 110 flights total to mark the Twin Towers' 110 stories. (stairwell 14 times) All with an extra 40 pounds. The firefighters wore bunker gear and the officers’ bullet proof and tactical vests. 
It began at 7:46 a.m. central time---the moment when the first plane struck the World Trade Center's North Tower.

Watching their Dad

"Puts a whole new perspective on a smidgen of what those guys went through that day and I don't even think we scratched the surface"

COOKIES!!!! I ended up making a little over 100!
For the get together after I made cookies with a twin towers police shield and firefighter shield tags

Police shield

Firefighter shield

The boys were late to school but brought all the teachers and principles a cookie with a 9/11 remembrance pin

They loved it! I also handed out the pins to the stair climb participants 

Extra basket of cookies for the police station

It was a very touching tribute and the boys were extremely proud their Dad participated. I have the sweetest pictures of them giving the biggest hugs. {{heart melted}}

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Cake with Chocolate Art - School Project - TEXAS theme - Red, White, & Blue

And so it begins....SCHOOL PROJECTS. Ugh! My son {{mini overachiever}} enthusiastically picks baking and designing a cake for his Texas history project. NICE! *sarcastically* I assisted with some basics and tips but he did all the work.
Cake with five Texas symbols


He decided he needed to have seven symbols instead of five. This is the child that always says, "Nothing is to over the top" Also, does EVERY extra credit possible.

Not both my kids are like this. My other child had a project due the same day and I found out about it at 8:15pm. :/

TA-DA!!!! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. 

I know what you are thinking...NO WAY did a child make that cake! So did his teacher until I provided photos. See evidence below. :D

Mixing in the color to make the cake red and blue

Alternating colors in the center to give a stripe effect..somewhat

Printed out templates

Parchment paper over the printouts and used candy melts to trace and fill in. We used a ziplock bag and #1 & #2 Wilton tips

He made 3+ of each design just in case they broke taking them off the paper. The longhorns all broke but one. Next time we'll make them thicker.

 I helped level the layers and do the basic icing

Finished chocolate designs....Ooooh Aahhhh

I also helped place them on the cake

Icing bags for the bluebonnets on the side of the cake.

The bluebonnets were trial and error for sure. They looked like blue Christmas trees at first so I scrapped them off and he tried a smaller tip.

Bagged extras and he gave them to the history teachers

The proof her made the project. I printed this photo for him to take to school. :) 

He spent ALL day on this cake and it shows. Class loved it and I haven't seen the grade yet but I'm sure it's a 100.

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