9/11 Tribute - STAIR CLIMB - Police / Firefighters - PLUS Cookies!!!

Local First Responders Remember Colleagues Lost on Sept. 11 

Boys checked it out before it started

To honor the memory of those who lost their lives they climbed 110 flights total to mark the Twin Towers' 110 stories. (stairwell 14 times) All with an extra 40 pounds. The firefighters wore bunker gear and the officers’ bullet proof and tactical vests. 
It began at 7:46 a.m. central time---the moment when the first plane struck the World Trade Center's North Tower.

Watching their Dad

"Puts a whole new perspective on a smidgen of what those guys went through that day and I don't even think we scratched the surface"

COOKIES!!!! I ended up making a little over 100!
For the get together after I made cookies with a twin towers police shield and firefighter shield tags

Police shield

Firefighter shield

The boys were late to school but brought all the teachers and principles a cookie with a 9/11 remembrance pin

They loved it! I also handed out the pins to the stair climb participants 

Extra basket of cookies for the police station

It was a very touching tribute and the boys were extremely proud their Dad participated. I have the sweetest pictures of them giving the biggest hugs. {{heart melted}}

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