Cake with Chocolate Art - School Project - TEXAS theme - Red, White, & Blue

And so it begins....SCHOOL PROJECTS. Ugh! My son {{mini overachiever}} enthusiastically picks baking and designing a cake for his Texas history project. NICE! *sarcastically* I assisted with some basics and tips but he did all the work.
Cake with five Texas symbols


He decided he needed to have seven symbols instead of five. This is the child that always says, "Nothing is to over the top" Also, does EVERY extra credit possible.

Not both my kids are like this. My other child had a project due the same day and I found out about it at 8:15pm. :/

TA-DA!!!! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. 

I know what you are thinking...NO WAY did a child make that cake! So did his teacher until I provided photos. See evidence below. :D

Mixing in the color to make the cake red and blue

Alternating colors in the center to give a stripe effect..somewhat

Printed out templates

Parchment paper over the printouts and used candy melts to trace and fill in. We used a ziplock bag and #1 & #2 Wilton tips

He made 3+ of each design just in case they broke taking them off the paper. The longhorns all broke but one. Next time we'll make them thicker.

 I helped level the layers and do the basic icing

Finished chocolate designs....Ooooh Aahhhh

I also helped place them on the cake

Icing bags for the bluebonnets on the side of the cake.

The bluebonnets were trial and error for sure. They looked like blue Christmas trees at first so I scrapped them off and he tried a smaller tip.

Bagged extras and he gave them to the history teachers

The proof her made the project. I printed this photo for him to take to school. :) 

He spent ALL day on this cake and it shows. Class loved it and I haven't seen the grade yet but I'm sure it's a 100.

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  1. Wow, great cake! That looks super cool, I wish I could do something like that for school! Unfortunately, our school is strict about food because of the high level of allergies nowadays. But, awesome project! I learned something about Texas just from looking at it!


    1. You are so sweet, Lily! Thank you for taking the time to comment and all the wonderful compliments. Our school has some restrictions but this didn't even follow the "sweets only the last Friday of the month" rule either. I guess since it was classified as a project. Thank you again!

  2. Brilliant, really. I am amazed. Thank you for continuously sharing all of your fabulous ideas !!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the comments. I truly appreciate it!