Mother's Day balloons with a heart mosaic & flowers! How to fill & keep balloons looking shiny! DIY photo prop idea!

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Hope all the Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day! 
Free heart template! Email me for the PDF file! Print any size!

I loved my relaxing day after brunch with my boys!
Perfect Mother's Day!
I colored my oldest son's hair the night before. It was so bright and almost matched my pants. 

My original plan:

I found this garland kit with double stuffed balloons. Oh so pretty!!!
The kit comes with a bright pink inside a white pearl balloon that gives the pink a shimmery look. It also comes with a lighter pink and purple balloons inside a silver balloon that gives it a metallic shimmery look. 

I didn't realize that I should inflate and only tie the inside purple balloon and then tighten the silver balloon and then tie it. I did it all at once and didn't like the look ONLY because I didn't inflate the balloons all the way. It would be perfect it I inflated them more. 
I absolutely love them!

I decided last minute that I wanted the pinks and purples brighter and separated the balloons into singles. 

More details on how to print and build HERE

I used the silver balloons from the garland kit and I used my favorite  7" Qualatex Chrome Balloons to make a base for the mylar M's balloons and heart.

I filled the silver 12" balloons with 18 pumps of air with a hand pump and 7" chrome balloons with 5 pumps of air. 
Tied two sets of two together. Then twisted to make 4 balloons. Then just layered and attached them together with a silver long balloon.  
I didn't have enough silver so I used a few of the pink and purple 12" balloons leftover from the garland kit.

I like to inflate the day before I assemble but store in trash bags so they don't become dull looking.

So cute!!!

I wasn't sure if it would look good but I decided to add fake flowers I purchased from Dollar Tree.
I used eight bunches and just pulled the tops from the stems.

Hot glued the flowers to the balloons. Most were just one petal.

I ordered 2 - 40" silver mylar M balloons from Amazon.

I was afraid the bottom of the heart would pop the balloons so I just put an extra piece of foam board flat. I don't like the look but didn't have a plan to hide it. 

I applied Hi-Shine after I assembled to keep the balloons looking amazing. You just spent all this time creating a beautiful design and you want it to last. This stuff is awesome! 

It's a pump spray and really controlled. It will look milky white beads but this goes away and blends nicely. 

The Hi-Shine doesn't dry. The balloons will be greasy but you don't really touch them. 
They just look so super shiny! 

I HIGHLY recommend using it if you have the balloons outside. 
Without it the balloons will become super dull fast!

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