DIY 17th Birthday Balloon number mosaics - Large party decoration idea - supplies, balloons, cake topper, banner & free template

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My baby turned 17 today!!! 

I have numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, & 8.

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#16 video shows the best printing instructions.

I've now re-used the #1 SIX times!!!! This makes seven. 
It still looks great and will probably use for graduation too.

The #7 template printed was a little smaller than the #1 so I had to adjust when cutting it out. I added a little to the top.

This by far was the easiest number to create and took me 20 mins to hot glue the sides after it was cut out. WOW!!!

#1 was still filled from my YouTube 10K milestone photoshoot.


I usually order 5" Qualatex Pearl Onyx Black Balloons but this time I didn't order the pearlized ones and went with 5" Qualatex Onyx Black Balloons.


I used all 100 of the 5" black balloons and 65 of the 7" chrome balloons to fill both numbers.

If you needed a quick fill, these 7" balloons might fit perfect if I just inflated them a tiny bit more. 

I used a hand pump to fill my balloons. Shown in picture below.

I did not keep it this way but kinda good to know if I'm doing this last minute.
I like to fill randomly.

 5" balloons filled with 1 pump and 2 pumps of air.
7" balloons filled with 3 and 7 pumps of air.


 I ordered this birthday pack for the banner.  It also came with the #17 mylar balloons but I didn't use them. I absolutely love the banner and gold and silver swirls. 
Package includes: 
40" silver 1 & 7 balloons
12 black & grey balloons
Happy Birthday black & silver banner 
4 gold & 4 silver swirls


Glitter cake topper is paper but sturdy and so much nicer than I expected. 


Foam boards purchased online from Dollar Tree. Search foam boards. They come in black and white. Even with shipping they are still the cheapest.

I'm using these from Amazon since you can just pop the end off and have a brand new blade.

For this one I used a regular hot glue gun because I was in a hurry. I did pop a few balloons but not as many as I thought I would.

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