Annual Holiday Themed Bingo - Senior living fun! Party decorations, favors, treats, hot cocoa mugs, gifts, candy, and the cutest elf!

We call bingo at our local retirement residence every Sunday and a special bingo for holidays. 
Last year was a winter theme and this year we did red, green, and gold. 

Every year we hand out small gifts. It's just a little "thinking about you" gift but when you have 20+ people it can get pricey! I usually make edible gifts like Santa Cakes or dipped pretzels and our winter event last year we gave out a scalp massagers and all the residents loved them.

I found most of the items at the Dollar Tree, Walgreens, or Michael's.

My decorating crew and the cutest elf. He usually loves to dress up but wasn't too thrilled about his elf costume.

He's soooo cute! 

We used the wrapped picture frames as our backdrop/photobooth area. I have some really cute photos. 

For our gifts:

After Christmas last year I found mugs on sale for .25 cents and decided to get them ALL!

So many ideas of how to fill them!
  • Candy (Hershey Kisses in Christmas colors)
  • Lindor candy
  • Hot coco - add a mini Baileys bottle and Hot chocolate Christmas spoon.
  • Tea
  • Candy canes
  • Fuzzy socks 
  • Nail polish and emery board
  • Lotion

Each mug was filled with hot cocoa, 2 candy canes, marshmallow peep, 3 kit kats (not shown) and 6 Hershey's kisses. 

Wrapped the peeps individually.

A little hot glue to keep the heart shape. 

I found large cello bags at HEB and wrapped each mug individually.

I used the mugs and necklaces to decorate the tables. 

At the end of bingo we handed out gifts to all the residents. 

Large print word search books and pencils from the dollar store.

I decided to wrap them all the same.

Tired after all the attention. :)

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