Annual Holiday Themed Bingo - Senior living fun! Party decorations, favors, treats, hot cocoa mugs, gifts, candy, and the cutest elf!

We call bingo at our local retirement residence every Sunday and a special bingo for holidays. 
Last year was a winter theme and this year we did red, green, and gold. 

Every year we hand out small gifts. It's just a little "thinking about you" gift but when you have 20+ people it can get pricey! I usually make edible gifts like Santa Cakes or dipped pretzels and our winter event last year we gave out a scalp massagers and all the residents loved them.

I found most of the items at the Dollar Tree, Walgreens, or Michael's.

My decorating crew and the cutest elf. He usually loves to dress up but wasn't too thrilled about his elf costume.

He's soooo cute! 

We used the wrapped picture frames as our backdrop/photobooth area. I have some really cute photos. 

For our gifts:

After Christmas last year I found mugs on sale for .25 cents and decided to get them ALL!

So many ideas of how to fill them!
  • Candy (Hershey Kisses in Christmas colors)
  • Lindor candy
  • Hot coco - add a mini Baileys bottle and Hot chocolate Christmas spoon.
  • Tea
  • Candy canes
  • Fuzzy socks 
  • Nail polish and emery board
  • Lotion

Each mug was filled with hot cocoa, 2 candy canes, marshmallow peep, 3 kit kats (not shown) and 6 Hershey's kisses. 

Wrapped the peeps individually.

A little hot glue to keep the heart shape. 

I found large cello bags at HEB and wrapped each mug individually.

I used the mugs and necklaces to decorate the tables. 

At the end of bingo we handed out gifts to all the residents. 

Large print word search books and pencils from the dollar store.

I decided to wrap them all the same.

Tired after all the attention. :)

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Thanksgiving table setting idea - DIY personalized clear plastic plates - design or text - creative idea that you can print at home

I just noticed one of my Thanksgiving plates is cracked. :/ I'm going to do plastic this year since I don't have enough and it will be easier clean-up. 
I love how the plates turned out for the Halloween wedding so I decided to make something similar for Thanksgiving.

Design is for 10' Chinet plastic plates.
I'm also making matching dessert plates and cupcake/treat tags (download below) 

I printed on 8.5x11 copy paper, cut, and tapped to the back of the plate! 

I used three pieces of double sided tape to attach to the back of the plate.

The hardest part was sizing the design to fit exactly but I did that for you! 
I couldn't add a link for the PDF file for some reason. If you message me with your email I'll send the printable PDF file. 

Cupcake tag link at the bottom of the post.

I'm making the 7" dessert plates today. I have the PDF file available to email as well. 

CUPCAKE TAGS ONLY - message me for free printable plate PDF.

4x6 size - 6 per print.

I was playing around with different text. Two tags are different from the rest. I'll update soon.

Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Halloween wedding bouquet idea - HOW TO MAKE tutorial - SKULLS & black roses - Gothic themed bridal accessory

I helped a friend with her Halloween themed wedding and last minute I decided to make a flower bouquet. 
I love how it turned out!

I used the leftover black roses and skulls from the table centerpiece decorations.

Purchased a strofoam half ball at Micheal's craft store.

I had leftover black styrofoam safe spray paint from a previous Halloween craft. 

Used black 1 1/2 inch satin ribbon for the handle.

I spray painted the half ball black and cut the roses off the vine. I also removed the leaves but ended up only using the roses.

I didn't have a dowel wide enough so I cut down a PVC pipe from my zombie skeletons

Hot glued a piece of ribbon over the bottom. 

Used the PVC pipe to twist a hole in the center of the half ball.

Removed the center.

Used lots of hot glue to attach the PVC pipe into the bottom of the base. 

I cut 7" strips of ribbon to cover the bottom of the base.

Hot glued to make loops.

Attached the ends with hot glue to the PVC pipe. Make sure you leave enough so the loop goes all the way to the edge of the base.

Hot glued to attach the loop to the base.

Repeat until bottom of the base is covered. 

Start at the bottom of the PVC pipe and wrap the ribbon towards the bottom of the base. 
Wrap a little and hot glue, wrap a little more and hot glue. Repeat.

Once all the ends of the loops are covered, cut the ribbon. Fold the end and hot glue in place. This will give it a clean edge. 

Ready to start decorating.

I placed all the roses in the styrofoam first for spacing. Once I had it figured out, removed and hot glued in place. 

The skulls were too thick and stuck out past the roses. 

I decided to cut the skulls in half with an exacto knife.

Hot glued the skull in place. 

Added more roses.

And more roses.

I thought about adding more skulls but it looked too busy. I ended up only using four with the rest roses.

I love that it matches the table centerpieces. 

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