Halloween Party Prep - IDEAS - Adult/Kid - Music, food, decorations, drinks, photobooth

FOUR DAYS until it's time to party! With that said, I'm a planner. No, not just a planner but a pre-planner. Okay, I'm a pre-pre-planner while making test runs of items so I can plan if I'm going to use them while planning the party. Get it? I'm crazy. 
So now I'm just putting together some final touches. SO EXCITED!!!! 
Zombies being freshened up since our last storm.

Music playlist selected. Some changes were made after pre-listening to the order and songs that would play. We axed The Munsters Theme since it plays twice, Thriller (club mix) and went with the original, still undecided about 2 and 9. Might go with Day O Banana Boat from Beetlejuice instead or maybe not. Still planning. Oh and we added another song called Calling All the Monsters. 
 This year for food I have a few new items and did a test run already. 
Zombie eyeballs: Deviled eggs turned green with an olive and bloodshot lines. After the test run I decided to use green olives with the pimento. 
Tutorial HERE
Raw meat or Red velvet rice crispy treats. Oh man. They were a huge hit for my trial run. Now I've made them twice and they are gross looking and delicious! PERFECT! Could be fun for April Fool's Day.  
I have also have few new drinks. This one is a party staple but molded into Brainsssss! Jello shot brains. 
I made these disgusting green slime looking shots and put in mini brain molds. Sour apple aka Zombie brain. I LOVE THEM!!!

I created a Horror Movie Trivia slideshow to run during the party. Just something for fun.
My house has tons of decor and almost completely done except for a few spider webs or roaches. 

Adding my last little touches to the photobooth and deciding what props to put out. I have mustaches, big red lips, funny faces but everyone will be in costume. Probably just the speech/talk bubbles and photo frame. I have a Polaroid frame but thinking of making an instagram one too. Hmmmm....maybe tonight project. 

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Easy HALLOWEEN food IDEA - Red Velvet Rice Crispy Treats RECIPE - party-kids- RAW MEAT?

I'm making my FAVORITE rice crispy recipe and tweaking it a bit for Halloween. I love themed food! We are not a "cutesy" Halloween family but more "gory and gross" Halloween family so these are PERFECT!

I made these tonight for a Halloween themed game night as a trial run for our big Halloween bash! They are AH-MAZING!!!! Huge vote "YES" from the family with some excited dancing and uuummmm's while eating them. The true test will be at the game night but I'm pretty confident these are a keeper. 

What is it? RAW MEAT, of course! 

Looks like it doesn't it? Crazy gross thinking of eating this but if they are brave it's a sweet surprise!

Recipe: (Sorry I don't have the cute printable feature but it's not that hard to remember)

8C - Rice Krispies Cereal
3C - Mini marshmallows
1 Jar - 7oz Marshmallow Creme
1/2C - Red Velvet Box Cake (NOT the whole box)
1 - Stick of Butter
 4-6 Drops of red food color (optional)

Low low heat (I use our MELT setting) add the butter until completely melted. 

Add mini marshmallows and jar marshmallow cream and mix well with butter. 


Mix often so it doesn't burn in the center. This will take a while but it will become completely smooth. 

Add red velvet cake mix and mix well. It will look brown and get a little hard to stir. 

It looked a little too brown but maybe it's old meat. I opted to make it a little more fresh.

OPTIONAL- Red Food Color

Add rice crispy cereal. It will look like it's way too much and no way enough marshmallow mix to cover it but it will. PLENTY! I promise.

Oh and mixing is kinda a super stick nightmare. You'll understand when you make it. Impossible to get all of it off. I used a spatula at first but then just used one hand. WHY? You need the other had to get it all off the coated hand. Seriously, use only one hand. It's crazy sticky.

Then transfer to a plate or ideally a rectangle white foam tray to really look like grocery store meat. I used parchment paper to press it firmly (it won't stick to the that paper) and kinda odd shaped it. I press firm since I want it to cut nicely to serve. I thought about putting it in mini brain molds but we already have too many brain theme food right now. 

Hope you enjoy! If I forgot anything just ask!

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2015 Family Zombie Photo - Walking Dead Themed - Annual GORY Photoshoot & Halloween Cards

So excited to reveal our annual family zombie photo!!!! This year we did a Walking Dead Theme getting the idea from the zombies along the fence and eventually they knocked it down. I know you are completely shocked and surprised that we watch that show. Totally not our style, right? ;)

Normally our theme is family type things/activities but as zombies......dinnertime, family bbq, sightseeing, breakfast in bed, bath time, etc. 

We had the best time taking the photos. I found a fence that was actually half a fence. It made it so easy to run stick my arm through the gate to take a pic and run back to the camera to see what it looked like. All done with a tripod and remote!

Easy prep for props. Probably the easiest I've ever done besides 2009 graveyard photoshoot. We only brought severed arms and signs.

Funny story -

So we are in the process of taking the photos when I see a little girl about 4 years old by herself in the backyard playing. Fearing we would scare her I went to the front of the house (in make-up) to let the parents know we were outside. So excited and intrigued the whole family came out including another younger little boy. So in between growling and moaning during the shots (to get into character) I was running back and forth to the camera in a super sweet voice saying, "Aren't we so silly!?" "I'm going to tickle them with my funny spray" (spray blood when they needed it freshened.) LOL!! Then the boys would giggle to try and show them we weren't scary. The family loved it! The little girl asked if she could hold one of our severed arms. "Of course sweetie!" So funny!

Okay, here is our annual family zombie photo! EEEEEEeeee! It's so awesome! Check out my youngest. He really wanted his jaw to be missing or that it fell off. The things kids ask for. Lol!

((drum roll))

Happy Halloween!

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Bacon cooked in the oven {SKULL EGG MOLD} Halloween Breakfast idea - Fun for the kids/adults

Breakfast of champions.....or weirdos like us. :) I found this mold last year on sale at our local grocery store (HEB) and had to buy it! On sale and it's awesome!? SOLD!

It came with instruction but I'm totally about ignoring them and just do it how I think. When it doesn't work out, then I read the instructions and say, "Ooooooh, now that's why mine didn't work."  Well that is exactly what happen this lovely morning. One of the boys had an amazing looking skull and the other had a clump of eggs resembling nothing. Yay me!

The secret.....separate the yolk. Don't just try to crack the egg and drop it in the eye socket.

Brushed the mold and pan with olive oil, separated the yolk, added the whites to the mold and then gently dropped each yolk into place. Low heat and it cooks the entire white and leave the yolk a little runny. No need to flip. 

Ever bake your bacon? Yes!? Then you know how awesome it is. No!? Then you MUST try it. 

Cookie sheet with foil, oven 350 degrees, bacon and 25-30 mins. EVERY PIECE IS PERFECT! I know it's a long cook time but you don't get splashed with grease, don't stand there flipping, and remember....every piece is perfect.

You can flip once half way thru but I'm too lazy for that. It could also be made the night before. That doesn't work in our house because cooked bacon is eaten bacon. 

Goes perfect as the crossbones to the skull. Awe! So cute!

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