Friday, October 23, 2015

Easy HALLOWEEN food IDEA - Red Velvet Rice Crispy Treats RECIPE - party-kids- RAW MEAT?

I'm making my FAVORITE rice crispy recipe and tweaking it a bit for Halloween. I love themed food! We are not a "cutesy" Halloween family but more "gory and gross" Halloween family so these are PERFECT!

I made these tonight for a Halloween themed game night as a trial run for our big Halloween bash! They are AH-MAZING!!!! Huge vote "YES" from the family with some excited dancing and uuummmm's while eating them. The true test will be at the game night but I'm pretty confident these are a keeper. 

What is it? RAW MEAT, of course! 

Looks like it doesn't it? Crazy gross thinking of eating this but if they are brave it's a sweet surprise!

Recipe: (Sorry I don't have the cute printable feature but it's not that hard to remember)

8C - Rice Crispy Cereal
3C - Mini Marshmallows
1 Jar - 7oz Marshmallow Creme
1/2C - Red Velvet Box Cake (NOT the whole box)
1 - Stick of Butter
Optional - 4-6 Drops of Red Food Color

Low low heat (I use our MELT setting) add the butter until completely melted. 

Add mini marshmallows and jar marshmallow cream and mix well with butter. 


Mix often so it doesn't burn in the center. This will take a while but it will become completely smooth. 

Add red velvet cake mix and mix well. It will look brown and get a little hard to stir. 

It looked a little too brown but maybe it's old meat. I opted to make it a little more fresh.

OPTIONAL- Red Food Color

Add rice crispy cereal. It will look like it's way too much and no way enough marshmallow mix to cover it but it will. PLENTY! I promise.

Oh and mixing is kinda a super stick nightmare. You'll understand when you make it. Impossible to get all of it off. I used a spatula at first but then just used one hand. WHY? You need the other had to get it all off the coated hand. Seriously, use only one hand. It's crazy sticky.

Then transfer to a plate or ideally a rectangle white foam tray to really look like grocery store meat. I used parchment paper to press it firmly (it won't stick to the that paper) and kinda odd shaped it. I press firm since I want it to cut nicely to serve. I thought about putting it in mini brain molds but we already have too many brain theme food right now. 

Hope you enjoy! If I forgot anything just ask!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Pretty sure you stole this recipe from a very well known blog...give credit or I'm reporting it to her. You used the same recipe, named it the same thing and even displayed it the same. Yet no credit was given and hers was posted years before yours. Pathetic.

    1. I never claim original idea. Just MY photos for MY party and MY experience making the recipe. I've linked other bloggers in the past but search "gross halloween food" on yahoo or google and one image comes up with no link, info. She was where I saw it. Not sure who the original creator is but I've made red velvet rice crispy treats for valentines day for awhile and when i saw the photo it did remind me of meat. You don't have to lower yourself to name calling or be so rude.

  2. Why do people who steal content always claim that "it was a photo with no link"? Only ONE blogger displayed hers like raw meat on a Styrofoam tray. You still didn't credit her yet her recipe is all over Pinterest. I'm not the rude are being the rude one by not crediting. It clearly wasn't your idea so you should at least put the photo with the original idea. I'm an artist and chef and it really irks me when I see this stuff.

    I've sent it to her but she hasn't responded but I would like to think you'd do the right thing and fix it before she sees it.

    1. Well, I guess name calling wouldn't be considered rude since calling someone a liar when you didn't even check is okay too. SEARCH on google or yahoo for "gross Halloween food" and ONLY ONE PHOTO shows up. Not linked. Whatever blogger it is doesn't do as good of a marking job as you think. I didn't copy her recipe. Valentine's Day recipe with the cake (tons and tons of red velvet rice crispy recipes online - not sure who created it) and long time rice crispy recipe - not sure who created that either. Saw the picture and thought it needed to be more red like my vday recipe. I like the plate idea so I could cut it since I wanted it whole for the party and printed and shared the tag so others could copy it and make the same. Maybe someone else will make it and have a better idea or a better tip and I hope they blog about it.

  3. Stolen idea from another website. Even copied the recipe. How pathetic.