Halloween Party Prep - IDEAS - Adult/Kid - Music, food, decorations, drinks, photobooth

FOUR DAYS until it's time to party! With that said, I'm a planner. No, not just a planner but a pre-planner. Okay, I'm a pre-pre-planner while making test runs of items so I can plan if I'm going to use them while planning the party. Get it? I'm crazy. 
So now I'm just putting together some final touches. SO EXCITED!!!! 
Zombies being freshened up since our last storm.

Music playlist selected. Some changes were made after pre-listening to the order and songs that would play. We axed The Munsters Theme since it plays twice, Thriller (club mix) and went with the original, still undecided about 2 and 9. Might go with Day O Banana Boat from Beetlejuice instead or maybe not. Still planning. Oh and we added another song called Calling All the Monsters. 
 This year for food I have a few new items and did a test run already. 
Zombie eyeballs: Deviled eggs turned green with an olive and bloodshot lines. After the test run I decided to use green olives with the pimento. 
Tutorial HERE
Raw meat or Red velvet rice crispy treats. Oh man. They were a huge hit for my trial run. Now I've made them twice and they are gross looking and delicious! PERFECT! Could be fun for April Fool's Day.  
I have also have few new drinks. This one is a party staple but molded into Brainsssss! Jello shot brains. 
I made these disgusting green slime looking shots and put in mini brain molds. Sour apple aka Zombie brain. I LOVE THEM!!!

I created a Horror Movie Trivia slideshow to run during the party. Just something for fun.
My house has tons of decor and almost completely done except for a few spider webs or roaches. 

Adding my last little touches to the photobooth and deciding what props to put out. I have mustaches, big red lips, funny faces but everyone will be in costume. Probably just the speech/talk bubbles and photo frame. I have a Polaroid frame but thinking of making an instagram one too. Hmmmm....maybe tonight project. 

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