Holiday Office IDEA - FIREPLACE computer - cubicle - fun DIY Christmas decorations

How festive is your computer desk? As of today mine is a fireplace with stockings. 

{{insert happy squeal}} I did that happy squeal quite a few times with some random clapping for myself. What?! I couldn't contain my excitement. It turned out so super cute!

This was a very last minute idea after holding up a piece of paper to the computer earlier that day. Few seconds, two pieces of paper taped together and barely legible writing to measure the computer screen. I wasn't confident it would turn out at all. I actually envisioned a complete fail as I tried to decipher what "dest to soreen" meant. I couldn't even remember where I started my measurements and pretty sure this counted as eye-ing it vs. any chance of being accurate.

I had two pieces of foam core board leftover (from a GIANT kids game coming up on Thursday. I'll share pics soon) 
I started to mark my scribbles awesome measurements.

{{deep breath}} I made the cuts to trim excess and remove the "screen" area. I also slightly cut the areas I didn't remove but just folded. 

Well it basically looked like what I wanted. Yay!


So far so good. 
I found this paper at Micheal's craft store. Reg. $8.99 but I had a 50% off coupon. 

I love wrapping so how hard could this be!? 
 Wrap it like a present with no bottom. Like normal but not. 

I folded the paper in half and tucked the edges. (top pic)

Now for the sides. This will probably make no sense so look at pics. Push center of the paper down in the middle of the side and press remaining paper to look like flaps or wings. Oh geez! See!? Flaps and wings. What's bad is I'm hand gesturing between typing like you can see me. 

Now to cut out the screen

Cut out a smaller rectangle not too close to the edge.

Make cuts to all the corners. Fold paper and tape.

Now for the mantel.  I used recycled priority boxes that were mailed to the boys.

Wrapped in white craft paper.

Found a slim box for the chimney

Ooooh it looks so cute!!!

Packed it up for work the next day. 

Moment of truth......success or huge fail.......

SUCCESS!!! It turned out perfect!!!!

Whew! I didn't embarrass myself with it being too short or not wide enough. YAY!!!!

I even added the fire as the desktop photo. I attempted to move my icons to the other monitor but I did have to stop playing and get to work. You get the idea. 

Now I need to decorate the stockings and mantel. I'm thinking personalized names and maybe a little tree or battery lights or garland. :)

Thank you for stopping by!

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