BUMBLE BEE theme PARTY for the library - 10 year celebration - GAMES - personalized items - BLACK & YELLOW - honeycombs


We had so much fun planning and being a part of this big party. 

Here are some prepping before the big day and from the event.

I was in charge of the big game prep/assembly and some personalized items. Bumble bee theme!!

Cutting bookmarks, personalized candy wrappers, and punching tags for our snacks.

Made a bee theme "guess how many" m&m jar. My boys were happy to help with this project. I had them separate the colors (and count how many) while I layered the jar. 

I printed wings and attached with hot glue along with the antenna. Made a custom tag for the top of the jar for that extra detail. 

Wrapped a ton of mini Hershey miniatures with personalized tags.

I thought Honey-comb cereal would be perfect for the kids.

I made an assembly line for all the volunteers.

Bagged, tied, and tagged.

We also prepped for our BIG punch cups game!! 

Amazing turnout!!

Personalized cupcake tags. Visit my Etsy shop for personalized tags.

My son ran the punch cup game. So cute!

We had a table set up with two guessing games. M&M bee and the other was the leftover honey-combs in a big jar.

Thank you for stopping by!

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