DIY tube glitter bracelets /necklace - NO GLUE needed - Dollar Tree find - Tube glitter or confetti curls - Fun and easy craft idea

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I made seed bead bracelets recently and went down memory lane on how I loved making crafts as a kid. I used to make bracelets with fish tank tubing, air connectors, and filled with seed beads. The connectors never fit right but I found some tubing that fits the connectors perfectly!!

Tube glitter ???? I don't know how I've never heard or seen this but I instantly bought a bunch. 

I found the tubing at Home Depot and the connectors on Amazon
I tried to order the tubing online but it had small black writing with the product info all over the tubing. That doesn't make for pretty bracelets.

Tube glitter from Dollar Tree.

I found these multi color packages of tube glitter at Dollar Tree for only $1!!! 
The SAME EXACT glitter (and so much less) would be $12 at Michael's for three colors.

Measure tubing around your wrist for size and cut. 
I made several at 8" long.

Insert the connector.

Now the fun part! Fill with glitter, beads, sprinkles, chunky glitter, tube glitter, jewels, confetti, glass glitter, microbeads or anything else that will fit! 
Please share if you use something else!

I made a paper type funnel for the tube glitter since it's so chunky. It does get stuck so you have to tap the tube with a pencil to get it to move down. You may need to squeeze gently and tap again. 

Insert the connector in the other end of the tube and you're done!
You could add some glue but I had a hard time pulling the bracelet apart without glue.

I also made a couple with fine glitter that I found at the same time. 

Fine glitter is definitely easier to fill than the tube glitter. I tried cutting a tiny piece off the corner of the glitter package to fill. It worked out okay but very slow.

 I didn't have a glitter/craft funnel but this worked perfectly! I had the idea when I was filling the mini fairy jars with glitter. Wilton cake decorating tip #5. Lol!

Tap the tube to get the glitter to move down. Close and you are done. 
With so many different types of glitter the creative opportunities are endless. 

So easy and they turned out super cute.

I have a ton of extra supplies and might make some DIY kits with everything to create. 
I'll add to my Etsy page this week.

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10th birthday large number decorations - DIY balloon mosaics - Tropical theme colors - party decor ideas - FREE template

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Based on comments and questions, I did an extended video with a full build of the mosaic frame for the #1. I also show how to fill the frames with balloons.

See my other videos on how to print the templates. Each one shows a little different detail.

I have templates available for 0, 1, 2, 6, 8. Just email me.

Trace and cut out template.

Use a box cutter or exacto knife to cut from the foam board.
I'm using these from Amazon since you can just pop the end off and have a brand new blade.

#1 took 4 foam boards and #0 took 6 foam boards.

I purchased the balloons from Amazon

I used a hand pump to inflated a bunch of balloons the night before and stored in a trash bag.

Balloon placement but not attached yet.

I started using a low temp glue gun to attach balloons and I like it so much better. The balloons do not move. It does take a bit of time to wait for each one to dry and you have to watch out for glue strings. 

I added the same color balloons on balloon stands. I used a homemade balloon sizer made from a cardboard box. Lol. Worked perfectly!

Added some 5" balloons to the base.

Oh look how awesome it turned out!!! I love all the colors.

Tropical umbrellas in fruit cups. Grapes, watermelon, and pineapple.

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Flower seed bead bracelet - Basic daisy stitch thread pattern - How to make tutorial - DIY jewelry

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So I was looking for something and came across an old daisy chain that was from when I was 8 years old. It's broken and falling apart but I remember how much I loved making them. Then I remembered that my Mom (huge crafter) had some seed beads she gave me back in February. "Let's see if I still can make one" and this is when I forget entirely what I was looking for and started making one two.

Anyone else make these as a kid?

Seed beads or glass beads. My Mom gave me two packages. I actually have a large assortment in my jewelry bin as well.

You can find them at any craft store or on Amazon if you search seed beads.

Thread or jewelry wire/string
Seed beads
I haven't decided how I'm going to end the bracelet. Probably with jewelry clasps.

I used two beads as spacers between year flower (yellow), 4 blue beads for part of the petal, white bead for the center, and 2 blue beads for the other side of the petal.

2 yellow spacer beads.

4 blue beads for part of the petal and white bead for the center.

Pass the needle down through the first blue bead (start of the petal.)

Pull until tight.

You have half the petal and center complete.

2 blue beads for the other side of the petal.

Pass the needle up through the fourth blue bead (last bead from the first part of the petal.)

Pull until tight.

Just to get an idea of how many to make a bracelet or necklace.
13 flowers with two seed beads as spacers makes a 6" bracelet.

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