Care package pumpkin - Mail a candy bucket - No box needed - Halloween themed treats and novelty gifts/toys

I just mailed my Halloween care package pumpkins again!!!  Sharing what treats I sent this year and how much they cost to mail.

Mini light-up pumpkin - HEB Instant towels - Michael's Light-up bracelets - Target Skeleton hair clips - Walmart Grow your own toy - Michael's PEZ dispensers - CVS Bloody bones candy - Target Candy - Walgreens Pumpkin buckets - Walmart

I think these Monster Kisses are so cute!

I made the lid the same but used black foam board instead to match the pumpkins. 

Tested Sharpies and paint pens to see what would show up best. 

Silver paint pen worked the best.

Used packing tape to seal the lid to the pumpkin bucket.

UPDATE: They all arrived and only one took an extra day to arrive.

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