Large balloon number stand - how to make tutorial - prevent the frame from falling over

I love these balloon number frames and sharing an easy way to make sure they don't fall over.

The side pieces of the frame are 6" wide and stand pretty well indoors. I usually try to fill the bottom area tight with balloons for extra support. The USA balloons letters were outdoors all day and it was windy. Since the foam board is light weight they can fall over easily. 

The stands make the frames lean back just a little but you can barely tell.

The side pieces on this one are a little longer because I used scrap foam board. 

Use hot glue to attach the side pieces to the center foam board.

Use hot glue to attach the stand to the bottom of the frame on the back.

These dimensions can be tweaked.

The width is just under 9". Try to make it smaller than the width of the frame so you can't see it from the front.

The frame will lean back sightly. 

I used weights to place on the stand but you could also use bags of sand or rocks. 

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