Super cute birdhouse & wind chime church - hand-painted with so many details

I have to brag on my Mom and share her creation. Look at this super cute birdhouse/wind chimes that looks like a little church!!!
I'm amazed at the creativity and details she put into this craft. She made it for a neighbor that loves birdhouses and churches. 

She made this all by hand and even created the steeple, with tiny painted saints, and the stain glass windows.

She painted all the copper accents with nail polish with a clear coat over it.

She built the steeple with wood sticks and wood filler. 

For the fake stain glass windows she used markers on parchment paper and attached a thin wood boarder.

Then she filled with clear Gorilla Glue. 

For the roof she used black pepper to give it texture and then painted it.

I love it!

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  1. can you please email me the free numbers for the mosaic?
    Thank you,