WINTER THEMED event - party ideas, decorations, favors, treats, candy, photo booth - PHOTOS

We hosted a winter themed bingo at our local retirement residence last Sunday. Here are some photos and links to tutorials below photos or at the end of the post. 

I made 30 different bingo cards and printed on card stock paper. 

My helper setting up the table decorations.

Covered each table with blue plastic table covers.

Table centerpieces and matching candy.

Easy party favors or treats for the tables.

I made these giant 3D paper snowflakes to hang above each table. 

Picture frames wrapped and a mini photo booth against the back wall. I used snowflake wrapping paper and silver metallic curtains from our NYE photoshoot.

He also helped test the mini photobooth. 
Mr. Chill pose. :) Very similar to the Red Carpet Event photo. 

Then we all had to test it out. :) My Mom came to help too!

I used the same wrapping paper for all the little gifts.

We wanted to get something for everyone but also needed it to be inexpensive. I found these Scalp Massagers at Wal-Mart for $1.00. All blue to keep with the theme of the event.

Pre-cut the wrapping paper so each one was the same.

I made the paper a little longer, pinched the ends, and added a blue ribbon. 
Such an easy and quick way to wrap.

My older son usually calls bingo but he ran a fever the night before so he stayed home. 
The substitute did a great job.

Everyone had a great time! 

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3D PAPER SNOWFLAKES - coming soon

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Merry Christmas! Morning pranks and Santa's message - fun & creative gift giving ideas - Gift of family time

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

We always do fun pranks, clues, and Santa's message to find their gift.

New set of prank boxes. The details on each box are so funny.

The inside flaps says, PRANK YOU! Don't get too excited, your real gift is inside. 

 I like them for Christmas but you could use them for birthdays or any gift.
I found several at Wal-Mart.

But my absolute favorite this year was this gift.
Rule was that he had to open all the clues before guessing.

3 boxes filled with clues. 
The fun part was that the first two boxes of clues were just random words. 

I kept saying, "missing sock, don't you get it?!" "Think about the clues." "Forest, neck, dishes.....did you figure it out?" 
LOL!!! The confused look was hilarious. 

The third box had the clues. He got a new bike. :)

I didn't use it for a gift card but did hide Santa's clue in it. 

Fun game from Santa. I can't wait to play. 

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Icicle party favors - TREAT IDEA for a winter themed event - FREE downloadable tag - Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with sprinkles - FROZEN theme

I made these cute "icicles" for a winter themed event coming up Sunday! 

Super easy to make, inexpensive, and makes a ton is a short amount of time. 
I'm including a free downloadable tag at the end of this post. 

White Baker's Chocolate or Candy Melts
Pretzel sticks

I used Bright White Candy Melts. 
Melted in the microwave and dipped the ends of the pretzel sticks.
Before they dried I added white pearlized coarse sugar sprinkles. 

The boys use to make these all the time for their classmates during Christmas.

I bagged 9 pretzel sticks in 4x6 cello bags from Micheal's, found in the baking section. 

Attached the tag with double sided tape. 


4x6 size - one tag per print.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save.)


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3D PAPER SNOWFLAKES - coming soon

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