DIY Jingle Bell & Jumbo Glitter Ornaments - Holiday craft - Easy way to fill & decorate clear ornaments - Christmas idea

I found clear plastic ornaments at Michael's. Oh the possibilities. I didn't know if I should use paint, cut vinyl, or fill. 

I found jumbo silver glitter and mini jingle bells on sale t Michael's.

I had the pink jumbo glitter, silver stars, ribbon, and fishing line.

I made a few ornaments for gifts and several silver and blue to keep.

I used three jingle bells on fishing line. Since it's hard to hot glue fishing line directly, I used a small piece of paper to attach the fishing line making a loop. Hot glue to attach the piece of paper to the inside of the ornament top.

Added three jingle bells to the ornament and three suspended. 

Pictures don't do them justice. They are so pretty.

After making two with the jumbo glitter I tried red and black metallic confetti.

I even made a few with tiny custom confetti. Double sided with logos. 

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