RED CARPET snacks & sweets - Party Treat Ideas - Oscars / MOVIE NIGHT themed event - Hollywood RED, GOLD, & BLACK

We recently hosted a Red Carpet / Movie Night themed event and setup a concessions table.
Here are some snack and treat ideas.

Red Carpet Ropes
(free download below)

I made a 4x6 photo tag that said "Red Carpet Ropes" and filled the container with Twizzlers.
So easy and so cute. 

Last year I made the tag for a school theater play and the kids love it. 
I redesigned the tag a little for this event to match all the gold.

 4x6 photo
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.

(Click link below and right click and save.)

Chocolate dipped mini Rice Krispies Treats

Bling treat sticks tutorial HERE.

I found these cute mini squares Rice Krispies Treats that came 32 to a box for under $5.

Red Candy Melts
Gold sprinkles
3x4 mini treat bags

I used the same ribbon for the treats and party favors.

Melted the Candy Melts.

Added a little to end of the sticks to keep them secure.

Dipped and added sprinkles.

Movie Candy

Individual serving size movie candy.


 I would've loved to serve a couple different flavors. Cheese, Caramel, Butter, etc. 
I just served butter. :/


Mini red velvet cupcakes with gold star toppers.

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