Movie Night RED CARPET Event - PARTY FAVOR Idea - Champagne glasses filled with gold candy - HOLLYWOOD Themed Table Decor - Oscars, 16th birthday

We are setting up a red carpet themed bingo at our local retirement facility after Thanksgiving.

Normally we decorate and have themed candy for holidays like NYE, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall, and Christmas BUT when we host a themed bingo, it's so much more. 
Invitations, photo booth, special party favors, themed snacks or treats, balloons, etc. 
We host two themes a year. Last June we did a LUAU BINGO that the residents loved. 

This time the residents are the stars and it's a combo red carpet/movie star theme. Here are the party favors that will be on all the tables.

Such a cute idea and easy prep.

Plastic champagne flutes filled with gold wrapped candy. I had some glasses leftover but still needed one more package of 10. I purchased them at our local HEB.

Most of the candy came from our Halloween loot. It took a little convincing. :) I only purchased the Gold Almond Hershey's Kisses. 

I started with a gold Hershey's Kiss upside down.

Then added 2 Twix minis, 3 MilkyWay minis, 1 Reece's cup and another gold Hershey's Kiss. 

It helps to have everything pre-packaged for easy travel. I used 4" x 9.5" bags to cover the top the glasses and tied a red ribbon at the bottom. 

I also printed these cute director clapboards with "That's a WRAP!" and "THANK YOU!" with our names and date. 
 I used double sided tape to attach the gold glitter print to the back before cutting. 
The gold glitter makes them double sided and not just plain white on the back. It's not needed but just a little extra detail.

They match the larger clapboards I'm making as part of the table centerpiece. I'll post pics soon.

They are so cute. 
They're attached with double sided tape but you could do a hole punch in the corner and use a ribbon to attach.  

I love how they turned out. 


4x6 size has two clapboards per photo.
Print at your local Walgreens, CVS, print lab or print at home.
(Click link below and right click and save.)

Add text in any photo program for director and date.

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