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Last Sunday was our Red Carpet / Movie Star themed bingo at our local retirement residence.

I had the best time planning this fun event and loved seeing all the smiles.
Everyone was over the top thrilled with everything.

 Here are some ideas for decorating, party favors, photo booth, treats and more. Links to tutorials at the bottom of the post.

A couple weeks before all the residents received invitations to the event. I also printed a few larger copies for the elevators.

I had 4 large plastic popcorn buckets. Two filled with popcorn and two with yellow and white tissue paper for table decorations. Such a cute and easy idea.

Red carpet leading to the photo booth area. It came already pre-taped but we added extra at the ends for people with walkers.

I had a totally different photo booth area planned but last minute found this photo backdrop at Wal-Mart in the wedding section.
Gold glitter!!!

The weekend before I saw curtain lights for a backdrop at an event and they looked amazing.
I ordered warm white but they come in bright white and blue as well.

TIP: They arrive with each strand in a small bunch. Leave them attached while hanging. This will save you time untangling.
I might use them for our outside screened in porch. They have different settings to blink, alternate, fade, solid light plus a couple more. I kept them on solid light.

I used plastic red table cloth to make the "draped material" look.
Very lightweight and super easy to hang.

I ordered black bow ties for the boys to make it look like they were wearing a tux. We did the same backdrop for our New Years picture and the boys wore gold bow ties. Not sure which I like better.

 I absolutely LOVE my dress. I thought for sure it would be a total fail but it was stunning!!! 

For the tables I found red star decorations at Dollar Tree. I added a personalized clapboard with the date and event.
I painted wooden dowels red and attached the clapboard with hot glue.

I covered the tables with sequin material from Wal-Mart, two red and two gold. I originally wanted all gold but couldn't find enough material. I actually liked it better with the combo.

 Added two glass candle holders with flameless LED gold glitter tea light candles.

I had to keep the table decorations small to save room for the bingo cards.

I thought about making my own chandelier but I found this one at Michael's and used a 50% off coupon. Worked out being way cheaper than making one. See it hanging from the light in the photo above?

Used painters tape to hang 12" gold stars around the room. From Oriental Trading but I didn't need anything else so it was easier to order from Amazon.

On the back wall I setup a concessions table.

I raised the concessions sign but didn't take a photo of the whole table after I fixed it. :(

 The sign was a great addition to the table and super easy to make.

Concession sign tutorial and downloadable letters HERE

I found these super cute award statues and personalized text and date. Attached tag with double sided tape.

 They turned out so cute and everyone received an award. Room full of WINNERS!!!
We may have called certain numbers to make the last two people in the room win but I'm not confirming that. :)

Made personalized tags for every single resident!!!

I originally started making all the lanyards but I had too many to make. I order red lanyards to match.

We have our regulars that play bingo with us weekly but wanted to make any new players feel welcome. I told everyone they were on our "VIP LIST." 

VIP pass download HERE

Movie candy idea and tags HERE

Cupcake toppers and table confetti HERE

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