Winter party ideas - Easy DIY TABLE CENTERPIECE & decorations - Blue, White, & Silver - FROZEN theme decor

Having a winter themed party or event? These cute table centerpiece were made in minutes!


Glass jar
Silver tree, ornaments, or snowflakes
Fake snow
Jumbo glitter (optional)

I found the glass jars and fake snow at the dollar store and silver Christmas trees at Wal-Mart for $1.00. Jumbo glitter was from the jingle bell & glitter ornament craft.

Fill jar with fake snow. If you have a taller embellishment like the Christmas tree, only add 1/4 to the jar. If you have smaller embellishment like ornaments or snowflakes, you can add more snow.

I added the jumbo glitter to make the snow sparkle a little. 

Mix around the edges so you can see the glitter from the outside of the glass jar.

Add the tree and DONE!

Set on glitter scrapbook paper or tray.

The silver plates were used from my past Halloween parties in 2013201420152017. I also used them for our NYE cookie patter. Purchased at Michael's years ago. 

Blue poinsettias were extras from my Christmas decorations.

I even made one for my niche at the house. 

For extra table decorations I added blue and silver candy.

Blue M&M's were for the bingo game and kisses for the table. 
I handed out the blue candy canes along with the gifts for everyone.

I found chocolate coins at World Market that had prism snowflakes. 
I didn't need any more candy but they were too cute not to buy.

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